Large UFO eats Malaysia Aircraft In Warning To World About Nuclear Conflict In The Ukraine

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First of all, just let me say that UFO’s do exist. And if you don’t believe this is true just go someplace else. Read no further. This post is for readers who understand and accept the notion that the universe is a great big, wide, wonderful place. And there is lots of room in it for other civilizations.

I have seen a UFO. I have talked to people in my small circle of humanity who have seen them. My wife saw one long ago! There are lots of videos of them on YouTube. There are reports of aliens who crashed into our planet and died. They were, of course, carted away by the government for further study. And the government has spared no effort in covering up and denying any knowledge of them.

There are even documents around that explain the rationale of the government in doing this. And I can understand, even sympathize, with their reasoning. Governments need to control their populations. Hobbes would agree. You can’t have millions of people doing their own thing. Not in this world. So the government cannot recognize that there is a greater power with military capacities far superior, UP THERE, doing “it’s” own thing. And who knows what it really wants to do? Maybe it wants to enslave us all? Who can tell?

But that doesn’t mean we can’t recognize the truth. And, as I said, just go somewhere else if you believe Spielburg was just spinning his wheels when he made E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Moving on to the present mystery about the jet that vanished . . .

Millions of folks out there have seen UFO’s. So it makes sense that they are a presence around our planet and they have technology that is very far beyond our own. And some of their spacecraft could clearly be quite large and capable of absorbing a passenger jet. But did this happen to the Malaysia aircraft?

I’m not certain. But I think it’s a strong possibility. And I would like to give you a quote from an interesting book called The PK Man by Jeffrey Mishlove.

Then, on July 22, 1985, Owens sent me a letter threatening the NASA space program once again – specifically the space shuttles. He wrote: There are four space shuttles at NASA . . . Challenger, Atlantis, Discovery and Columbia. As of July 22, my UFO’s were directing destructive powers at these shuttles and the NASA program. Heretofore my UFOs have tried to be compassionate . . . simply destroying major experiments aboard spacecraft. But now time is short . . . they need their UFO base in order to hold back war on Earth . . . help the human race . . . and help the face of Earth itself. So, in order to try to pierce the armor of the bureaucracy blocking the UFO base they intend to attack one or more of the above-mentioned shuttles. They warn that any astronauts going up in these shuttles do so at their own peril, having been fairly warned in advance.

Ted Owens, the subject of Mishlove’s book, sent this letter to the author and on January 28, 1986 the Challenger disaster happened. It was a weather related tragedy that involved freezing temperatures. Weather is something that UFOs apparently manipulate with impunity. It also involved the stupidity of the bureaucracy allowing a launch when the O-rings of the shuttle were unable to do their proper job.

It’s important to remember (and this episode makes clear the point) that a bureaucracy can be a mammoth, stupid thing. Governments are the sum of their parts and we can only hope they guide us in helpful ways. Let’s wonder, for example, about the intelligence level exhibited by planners in Japan who built nuclear power plants a stone’s throw from the Pacific Ocean and then built a wall around them that was not high enough to stop the surge of ocean waves in a tsunami. Let’s ask a fifth grade student if there are tsunamis in the Pacific Ocean from time to time? “And what will happen if a large wave hits this wall?”

So now we have NATO defending a country that is being split in two by the Russian Federation. There are nuclear forces on each side. It is a tense situation. On the news in the last few days we have seen F-16 fighter jets sent to Poland which shares a long border with the Ukraine. Each side is gearing up militarily to advance its objectives. Each side has a vast array of nuclear weapons.

And suddenly a passenger jet disappears. Could it be that this is a message to the governments of the world? I don’t really know. But I am often quite amazed and thankful that we have survived over 50 years of nuclear proliferation. And I wonder if there has not been another player in this drama which has kept us from destroying ourselves. We do so much enjoy playing with nuclear fire. And we do have such a talent for burning ourselves.

Youtube videos of the event have disappeared…..all that is left is passive nonsense.

Can we begin to accept that a UFO, for whatever reason, possibly ATE it?

I Don’t Care Much About Blogging

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I have not added any posts for a month.

Never mind.

It just seems too much like politics to me. Everyone has a group of followers. I had a group of followers. Most of them have probably left by now. . . Maybe they still come around. But you never know! They don’t comment much!!

People don’t comment much. I don’t comment. We can read something and have thoughts about it. Maybe even happy thoughts. But we don’t write them down. And then, the writer who helped us have those thoughts has NO IDEA! No feedback. Did anybody read this?

I have no idea. But once in a great while I look at what I have written. I especially look at the poetry. And I think “this is great” or “this sucks” and then I remember all the years that have gone by and all the moments, the work, the inspiration that somehow emerged from a fat person (I have lost a lot of weight). And I affirm that I (sorry about all the “I’s) will never, ever let this blog go unto digital heaven. It will be resubscribed every year until your blogging buddy is DONE. Because, I would like parts of it to be at the funeral home up on a screen (hopefully if we have some nerdy types available to make it happen). Or, at least, it will be online so that, perhaps, someone will look back and see . .


Yes. . . he had a life. We can appreciate that for a moment. And then, off we go.

Yes, off we ALL go. And I (sorry, once again) will be somewhere after a nice break from “I” and (hopefully) a time of peace in the NOT “I”.

I’m almost there now. And I don’t care about followers or numbers or anything that has to do with groups. Because it’s not about groups. Unless you are a politician. It’s about the Universe and each of us. And the universe will decide who connects with us. Each of us.

There are children in the world at this moment who are eating dirt and nobody cares about them. Except the Universe. And, of course, we care about them even though we have no idea who they are . . . We care about them in a general sense.

And nobody keeps track of those stats. We just care for each other. We love the little children. But blogging doesn’t really matter. There are traces of brilliant light everywhere. Yes, even here. But I wouldn’t worry about it. Just be alive. Social media is not where it’s at. The universe cares about us. Social media doesn’t give a crap what we do.

It’s just an art form and a way to express things. For the record.

We Go To DC/ Andrea Bocelli In Concert

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It has been cold and rainy here in Virginia for awhile now and Betsy was sick with a stomach virus that laid her up in bed for a few days. So as the day approached for the Andrea Bocelli concert in Washington DC I was not sure if we would even be able to go. But my lovely wife rallied and the skies cleared up, although it remained cold. We drove two hours up to the southern reach of the Metro system and glided the rest of the way to the Verizon Center.

And so it turned out to be one of the loveliest experiences we have had in quite a long time. Emerging from the subway there were tents and vendors with many, many Christmas items next to the National Portrait Gallery.

Then we went to dinner at Corduroy with a good friend of ours, Kurt, who has worked at the Library of Congress for over thirty years. And then we said goodbye and headed for the concert. Andrea was amazing as usual. There were five encores ending with his amazing rendition of Nessun Dorma. I never really expected to see Andrea Bocelli in concert so this was an amazing treat, a Christmas experience I will never forget. Betsy had a great time, too, and we enjoyed the adventure together. Back to the Metro we went and down I-95 where construction is ever present. We got home well after one in the morning and I was asleep about two minutes after my head hit the pillow. Daily walking has its rewards.

Rage Against The Dying Of The Light

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This past weekend I did a challenging overnite hike with a great group of Central Virginia Trailblazers up in W. Augusta, Va. in a place called Ramsey’s Draft. The weather was perfect and it was a great opportunity to work on some of those backpacking skills. The second day was a 9 mile hike back to civilization and after several miles my legs started to go. I really hate holding anybody back so I actually prayed to God for some help (I’ve been meditating lately instead of drinking beer and thought this might be a good opportunity to cash in some of those chips). Two minutes later there was Ginny sitting along the path munching on some trail mix she had made up herself and she offered some of it to the old granddad. And it was delicious!! Chocolate and those little yogurt eggs! Salty pretzels! We sat for awhile in the sun and relaxed. Drank some tasty water we had picked up at the spring on top of the mountain. And life seemed a lot better. So we walked awhile and came upon the rest of our group where a woman I had just met by the name of Mary said, “Trade packs with me”. She had managed to somehow get all her stuff into a 12 pound pack while mine was 22 pounds and I didn’t really want to do it, but she insisted. And she also introduced me to these delicious little Clif Shot Bloks that contain salt, potassium and some sugar. And off we went. I felt like the hike had just started! Total revival and the remainder of our time on the trail was full of happy comradery. Mary reminds me of one of the truly awesome online presences, Robin Easton, author of Naked in Eden: My Adventures and Awakening in the Australian Rainforest. She got everyone talking about their lives and feeling good about themselves. Which is really funny, because I asked Robin to be with me on this challenging hike. And here was Mary! And here was God, too, answering a prayer when I was about to give up my backpacking dreams forever.

But that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Today is a sit and relax at the computer kind of day and I have been goofing off, looking at a lot of old pics and realizing what a puffy, overweight thing I used to be. But it’s never too late (as long as you can still walk around the block) to reverse course.

Out in the wilderness, at night, when the wind is howling and the temperature is dipping into the low 30’s and 20’s you have to face certain things. When you are walking along a narrow path on the side of a mountain with a 20 pound pack and your legs are dead you have to deal with a reality that eludes us, often, at home. You have to think and you have to be careful. It’s a physical and mental challenge for men and women, alike. And we are alike in so many ways away from our daily routines.

When you get to be over 60 years old you enter a battlefield that younger folks only imagine. How do you want to proceed when you get there? Do you want to spend your time in the field hospital? Sometimes this cannot be avoided. There are casualties in every war. But, often, I see people trying to avoid the realization that any of this is even happening. Nature, and the mountains that often surround our communities, offer us the opportunity to scrape off all the sedentary ways that gradually weigh us down. It’s going to hurt, no doubt, and not be very pretty for awhile. But it feels so much better each time we complete a mission.

You never know what you might meet in the woods. It could be a snake or a bear. It might be a bobcat or a coyote. But it’s frequently in the back of the mind, especially when fixing food. And what happens if you fall and shatter a bone 9 miles from the road?

What happens if your doctor tells you that you have one of those aging diseases? We have to face these things one way or another. And I would rather take my chances where the action is real. People are true and God is on my lips. Ironically, in the end you may end up happier, in a lot better shape and living a lot longer going down this path.

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light. –Dylan Thomas

Halloween Will Soon Be Here

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So I went out walking/running this morning as I usually do and I was thinking about Stephen King and his great novel, The Stand. If you Google a list of Stephen’s novels and try to determine which one is at the top this one comes up on a regular basis. And I have been reading it on the Kindle. Because you can easily read on the Kindle if you are standing up and walking around if you have restless legs. As I do. But thanks to Strattera it is in abeyance and I have hope for the future. Beware, young people, the things that await you in the middle aged world and beyond (if you make it that far).

We are now in October and there are some really nice things coming out on FB. Lots of goolish things. Are you going to a Halloween party? It’s all about your fantasies and good luck with that. Mine have been captured by “The King” lately and so I was out walking and thinking about the dark man in his novel this morning. Yes, I was focusing for a few moments on that close disciple of Satan and then, with a shudder, I continued on down the road and put him out of mind. It was a good walk. The sky is dry and sunny. The temperature was perfect. We got home without any close encounters with cars although several drivers wanted to park along the road and appeared to be trying to run me over for just a second or two.

When I reached home I looked down at the smartphone to turn the stupid thing off and there it was. . . You have walked 6.66 miles in a little over 90 minutes.

I had thought it was a pretty good workout. Until this moment. But had your faithful blogger summoned a response from the dark man? Could it be that he is having a little joke with me?

I hope not. We try to be anonymous as we drive the roads and hike along the mountain paths. We do not worry too much about drivers who are out of their gourds with alcohol or bears that need a next meal, desperately.

But it is October. And Halloween is just around the corner. Rest easy my fellow passengers on the lightship Earth. We will make until Christmas and the birth of our savior. Or, at least, most of us will. . .


Friday the 13th Incident A Day Early

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So today is Friday the 13th. What does that mean, exactly? I’m not sure. I do know that I’ve had issues, this week, and I’m hoping, maybe, that they were not some sort of warning about today. Like warning signs on the highway. Slow, slower. Maybe you should park under your bed when it gets here . . . Last night (Thursday, the 12th) we had a nice hike over at the University of Richmond. Back in the days when I started walking and losing a lot of weight I used to walk the paths at U of R. So I felt confident about leading a hike with a group from the Central Virginia Trailblazers. The University of Richmond is an important part of the Richmond landscape and it has been voted, at least on one occasion, as the most attractive campus in the nation.

But I was worried about the weather. It was hot and humid yesterday and T-storms were in the offing. But then the weather took a turn for the better and we headed out on our walk around the campus. All was well until ominous, dark clouds headed in from the west and I took a sharp turn to the east, back through the wonderful International Center building and down the road to our cars.


Everyone was returned safely to their cars and I headed home when the heavens opened up and delivered a deluge to our area. It was dark. The rain came down in sheets and I was relieved to reach my neighborhood and make the final turn to safety. Warmth, comfort and cheery lights in a dry house with two, slightly on edge, doggies was just a few feet away.

Except that when I made that final turn, seeing dimly our corner the street sign, I forgot that it is on the right side of the street, not the left, and I turned into a ditch that frames the property of our next door “neighbor”.


It was at this point that things got a little odd. I called AAA and they assured me someone would come around in 15 minutes to back my car out of the ditch. But it took about an hour for him to show up because, he said, he had to pull 3 or 4 other folks out of ditches because they also had problems with this torrential storm. Not a problem, really, except that my “neighbor” showed up a few minutes before he got there and wanted “my information”. I told her I lived across the street! Then she wanted the police. So when the AAA guy showed up he called the police and they came. A young man, clearly endowed with innate wisdom, arrived and walked over to us for a short conversation. I told him what happened. My “neighbor” suggested that I had hurt her driveway. But the car was several feet from her driveway. It was in the ditch. It had not touched her driveway. She suggested that she couldn’t see the situation very well because it was very dark. He suggested she could come out in the morning and sweep the dirt and pebbles around. She retired from the scene. The AAA guy backed up my car in about 30 seconds. We all went on our separate ways. The young policeman told me on his way out that he hoped the rest of my evening would be “better”.

I don’t know my neighbor. Our other neighbors have had issues with her but I don’t really worry about that. I do know that she planted many plastic Flamingos in her yard as, I guess, some sort of protest, awhile back. A flock of plastic Flamingos in this neighborhood is not, generally, well received. People who are like this depress me. They obviously have issues. They have been abused in some way and feel it is necessary to strike back at every opportunity.

While I was waiting for the AAA guy a lot of our neighbors drove by and stopped. They wanted to know if everyone was alright. When I think about this incident I prefer to remember them. I prefer to think we want to help each other when an accident occurs.

Labor Day Thanks / You Guys Are Great

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Labor Day weekend is here! Or nearly here. It appears to me that the workers who are building our porch have started early because I don’t hear them outside. And probably there are many others who are making a four day weekend happen. Good for them! And I would like to take time on this bright Friday morning to remember some of the people who do such good work and will, hopefully, have a great holiday!

The first one who comes to mind is my wife, Betsy! I wrote recently that she had a small blemish removed from her chrome dome and I was very worried but, thankfully, the report came back yesterday and guess what! It was a wisdom spot! So I am on the moon with happiness and dancing around with joy. If you get a chance this evening, take your telescope out in the backyard and witness what you already knew! That’s right. I can’t dance!
betsy and marvin
But, nevertheless, it should be entertaining. Next on my list is Robin Easton, publisher of Naked in Eden: My Adventure and Awakening in the Australian Rainforest. Robin has been off the grid for awhile but she recently surfaced and wrote me an email suggesting she is doing well although she is tired from all her activities! Once again, I am jumping with joy and feeling the warm sunshine bathe my bod on the lunar surface! Robin, you inspire me to work hard while celebrating life and growing closer to the earth and your mystical embrace.
Thanks to Robin Easton

And right in the middle of all this is Zachary, my son, who recently was commended for the work he is doing with the US Coast Guard and enjoyed, as a result, the opportunity to sit down for a meal with the Washington Redskins up in DC and perform in a ceremony as well. Nice going, Zach! Zachary is also getting married in September and we look forward to a ceremony of a different kind as he joins the lovely Amanda in wedded bliss. As I look down on the earth I can make out his 6′ 4″ frame shaking with anticipation.
zach and mia2

Jena, my oldest child, is returning to her duties as a special ed teacher this week. She is never far from my thoughts as she does an amazing job with the kiddies at school and her own young ones. So patient and kind she is and still full of laughter and good cheer!

And Jeremy, my son, is also a positive force in the world. He recently started a new job in North Carolina purifying water and he always blows me away with his performance as a husband and father. All my children are babies still in my heart and remind me that it is they who speak.

me and jeremy


There are so many more I remember on this august weekend. My father who always did such a great job at work and home and is still the rock upon which we all stand in this family. My sisters who still love their brother after so many decades of abuse. My father-in-law, Joe Jack, who regales us with entertaining stories and my seriously funny step-daughter, Stephanie, and her family. Kellan!, Steph and Marvin’s son, who is such a joy to have around! My hiking buddies (especially Dewey, a hard working, extremely intelligent prof at VCU who reminds me fairly often, without ever saying it, that I am an idiot, in a way that seems funny, even to me). The construction guys I mentioned earlier who planted a porta john on our front lawn not too long ago and help my understand why Snow White was so happy out in the woods with her little friends. My FB friends who tolerate my daily posting of walk/run times and often give encouraging feedback when I post photos and blog entries. You guys rock!

me and dad
Me and Dad 1952

Well, I could go on all day with Labor Day thanks but I hear the guys outside firing up the circular saw, so apparently they have not the day off as we remember that there are many great workers who do not get paid if they stretch the weekend. As I also remember that there are many great workers who hope and pray they will have some work to do in the days ahead.

As I give thanks for our good fortune, all of us, and pray for good things in the future for all who work, struggle, sweat, swear, shrug off pain, deal with the demands of their bosses, go without sleep, respond to their alarm buzzers at ungrateful hours, make difficult decisions and bring home the bacon. You guys are great.

Family and friends. Workers everywhere. Thank you.


Blue Moon August 20 Not Two Full Moons In A Month

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I was hiking downtown last evening and admiring the full moon. It’s called a Blue Moon and not because there are two full moons in August. There will be only one full moon this month. But there will be four full moons this summer, an unusual occurence. And the third is called a Blue Moon so that the last can still be called the Late Moon.

NPR and StarDate led us down the wrong celestial path in 1980 according to the article I just read by suggesting that the term meant there were two full moons in a month.

In any case, it was a beautiful moon with wispy clouds framing it and a cool breeze to make watching it more enjoyable.

Walking with the Central Virginia Trailblazers is always fun and I look forward to being with them and sometimes meeting new people. Last night I walked with a lady who has recently joined our group. Her name is Chris and she and I share several things in common. We both have degrees in English Literature and we both have worked in the field of social work.

Last night we also spend time viewing a painting on a rock adjoining Belle Isle of a skull about 8 or 10 feet in circumference that commemorates the Grateful Dead band. Apparently they used to party here after concerts back in the 1980’s. Here is a FB page about it.

Thanks to Jim Dimmette for this photo of me and the gang.
So it was a fun evening and thanks to Jim Dimmette, our group leader, for organizing the 4 mile hike and sharing some local lore with us.

Stabbed In The Foot! / Tempers Rise

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Yesterday I was running in the hood and doing pretty well in the 90 degree heat.  I was almost to the eight mile mark when I stepped on a two inch nail that was somehow standing straight up next to a car.  I could feel it go through my running shoe and up into the ball of my foot.

Bummer!!  I leaned against the car and pulled it out.  What was happening here?  This is what it feels like to be stabbed!  This is perhaps what Jesus felt when they nailed him to that piece of wood  (Well, maybe in a small way).

So I hobbled home and took a look at it.  There was just a tiny hole and no bleeding.  And today I went to my MD and got a tetanus shot.  So no big deal.  I did duck into the club today and use the treadmill however.  Because it’s hot out!

I can deal with the heat and humidity.  But nails in the road?  That’s too much for my yuppy sensibilities.

So the treadmill was a fun alternative.  It’s cool in there and you don’t have to worry about cars.  Afterwards, I went out to the pool and lazed around there for awhile.  I tried (unsuccessfully) to get someone’s attention to order a drink.  There were kids running around and moms working on their tans.  This is the alternate universe, people, where no one is worried about their boss and time is held in suspension.

I may have to return in the days to come.  At least until the weather cools off.

The summer doldrums are here.  People are backing out of hikes because it’s “too hot”.   Tempers are rising because of events in the news.  Chances that cities will go up in flames have increased.  But I’ve got to say that I’m proud of my fellow citizens at this point.  We are dealing with our issues in a peaceful way.  Let’s all go to the pool and toast our injuries in the cool waters.  Open the hydrants.  Go to the beach.  Chill.

Put the blades away.  It will only make things worse.  There is no injury that will not be addressed in time.  You don’t need to be the one who makes it happen.




Fireworks And Reflections On God / RLS and B12

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The 4th of July celebration is behind us now. It’s in the rear view mirror. And if you would like to look in that rear view mirror here are some photos of it. We had a nice dinner at my favorite watering hole, Legends Brewery, and managed to scurry up to the bridge overlooking the James River here in Richmond to see the works as in fire in the sky works between the rains that have decided to become part of our daily lives here.


My last two outings with the Trailblazers were cancelled because of rain. We were going to walk 3-4 miles around the University of Richmond but the thunder and lightening dissuaded us. And we were going to float down the James River tomorrow in inner tubes but there are flash flood warnings tonight. Because it just keeps raining down, down to the ground where it forms rivers, lakes and pools of disappointment.

Bummer. Usually all the lawns are brown by this time every year. But not this year. I really like but living in the Amazon, not so much. What’s going on? Mother Nature is doing something different this time around. And who can blame her? She has a reputation she must uphold. Good job, sister.

I am still walking daily because it really doesn’t matter if you get soaked from the inside out or the other way around. And I’ve been making some progress with the RLS. Restless Legs Syndrome can drive you crazy. But as it turns out the vibes are muted by serious doses of B-12 “sublingual” during the day. We are talking about 6 or 8 tabs of 2500 mcg. The bottle only recommends one per day so I may be seriously OD’ing on this stuff. But it has a very calming effect on the legs and I can think of worse ways to go.

While I was walking today I was thinking about God. How many people are there on the planet now? Six billion? And God may be able to predict what each of those souls is going to do but He/She can’t be totally sure. Because we have free will. We are capable of making U-turns and all of that. But at the same time God apparently knows the future before it happens. So She/He knows if we are going to surprise Him/Her.

So I wrestled with this one for about a mile and a half. I was listening to The Doors and Inception and a few other things, walking and wondering when it was going to start down pouring on my head. And trying to understand this seeming contradiction.

At some point during this walk I decided that God must have different compartments for this stuff. There’s one part of Her/Him that knows what we are going to do from here to eternity. And then there’s another part that lives in the moment and is surprised when we act unpredictably.

But then I thought, just as this really steep hill came into view, why, if God has different parts, would he only have two parts? Maybe He/She has a huge number of parts. Maybe, since She/He is infinite He/She has an infinite number of parts.   So God is not really One God at all. God is an infinite number of Gods.

And God spends as much time getting to know Herself/Himself as He/She does getting to know us. Except that it doesn’t take time if you are God. It all happens in the moment.

Anyway, it was a fun walk. And it never did rain much.  I was feeling good about making progress on the medical side of things and wondering about the big picture.

Moving Down The Road

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It’s a quiet Friday nite. I just arrived home after having dinner with my wife, Betsy, her father and another couple at the Westwood Club. Kellan was having a nice time in the childcare room playing with his beloved trains and Betsy is getting him now. So nothing much is stirring here on the home front. Even the dogs are resting somewhere.

The moon is high in the sky and shining brightly. This weekend it will become the super moon and turn night into day (or something). Many of us will be trying to take its picture from destinations that are not covered with city lights.

I have not been writing much lately although I have been walking and taking photos. I’ve become a rapt fan of The Walking Dead and only have a couple episodes to go before reaching the current episode. It’s a fascinating story about a group of survivors who are living in a post apocalyptic world. They have to deal with all the ramifications of living without ANY support systems and, oh, one more thing. People come back to life as zombies and try to eat them. It makes living without a social security net seem rather trivial in comparison. And, for all I know, this is the purpose of the show.

Is it meant to prepare us for future events? Make them seem not so difficult? Is this the 21st century version of the WW2 movie that tried to stimulate patriotic acts?

I don’t know. Just a thought. I’ve been wrestling with other ideas lately. Some of them I can’t really express here but it comes down to this: what do we want to be as we grow old? How do we coordinate the way we feel inside with the way we look outside? I’m finding some disparity there.

Perhaps it is good to remember that when you have lived sixty years you have several choices. You can go back to redo some things you have already experienced. You can move ahead and do things you have never done in the past. Or you can try and do as little as possible. Tread water.

I want to experience new things. And, for someone my age, that means something entirely different than it did 20 or 30 years ago. Still, human emotions can run deep. And there is nothing new about them no matter how old you become. It’s just a matter of remembering this fact and moving forward down the road.

How To Embed A Flickr Slideshow In Your Blog June 2013

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Here’s a puzzle. How do you use the new Flickr setup to embed a slideshow in your WordPress blog? It’s not an easy task. At least for me it wasn’t. I found precious few directions. I was looking for two key words. Slideshow and Share. Do you see them anywhere? Well, here’s where they are. . .

1. Go to the Flickr site. Click on You (top left)
2. Click on Sets (top left area) between Photostream and Favorites.
3. Double left click on the set you want to exhibit.
4. Double left click on the first photo in the set.
5. Click on the three horizontal dots in the bottom right part of the screen.
6. Look at the list of items that show up and click slideshow.
7. Click on Share (top right area).
8. Grab the embed HTML that shows up here. Copy to Clipboard.
9. Add to your new post page in the text area.

I’m amazed that it takes so many steps to do this. Maybe there is an easier way but I’ve not found it. Flickr has great slideshows and I have used them often in my blog. They are dependable and show my photos well. It took me awhile to figure out how to continue using them with their new setup. But all is well now (at least until they decide to change things again).

UPdate: March 2014.

Wow, these guys like to change things around! I had to go back to all the Flickr slideshows and redo them after they changed the rules. I think that I am going to start doing all my slide shows at Smugmug. They are the only ones who have been consistent so far. Google is just impossible now for slide shows. I have no idea if they are even possible.

And Flickr has changed somewhat.

Now when you get to step 5 don’t click on the three dots. Just to the left of the three dots is the share button, an arrow in a box symbol. This includes the links for embed and shares with FB, etc. Simple, but as I said, required redoing all the posts with embed Flickr slide shows.