Mother And Daughter Crying / Verizon Commercial / Crazy Commercial Of The Week

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The most annoying/craziest commercial of the week award goes this week to the mother and daughter who wander into the Verizon store crying pathetically about the notion that the daughter will soon be leaving.  I think she is moving up the street or something.  It’s difficult to tell they are blubbering so much.
This commercial is so bad I’m not going to put up a Youtube video of it.  It’s not a good idea to tempt your reader(s) to shoot your blog and damage their own computer monitor in the process.  As one person commented about this travesty:

“if i was rich i’d shoot my TV every time this came on.”

Right on, brother.  What gets into the minds of television types that they are able to think of things like this?  Never mind, I really don’t want to know.  I’ve already seen way too much of what goes on in their minds.

There’s also a guy in this sad and sorry adventure.  I think I recognize him from the last time I was in the Verizon store and started to ask questions about how to use my smartphone.  Do they give Verizon employees some kind of training to make their eyes open wide while they just sit there and wait for you to leave the store?

This mother and daughter also reminded me of a farewell appearance of Naomi and Wynonna Judd some years back.  On one level it is very touching that they can be so close but can you imagine ever trying to date someone like this?

Me: “Hi Dear, I’m home!”

Me: “What’s the matter, why are you crying?”

Did you ever walk on some ice in the late fall that you knew was not quite ready to bear the weight of your big, hairy butt?  Well, of course you didn’t!  Because you don’t have one of those!  I was just projecting, as they say, because I was obese awhile back, like one- third of all Americans these days,  and I will never forget the sound of ice starting to crack.  Just a little bit. It’s just like the sound of someone shooting your blog!

And that’s what it would be like living with someone like this poor little girl.  Or her mother.  Don’t even think about the possibility that you would have both of them living with you.  Together!!

Which brings up the question, where’s Dad?  Doesn’t he need a phone too?

Oh, no.  Dad doesn’t need a phone even though he threw his brand new Iphone off a cliff while he seriously considered joined it on a peaceful journey to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  So where’s Dad?  Dad’s not here, man.  Dad’s down the street at Applebee’s having ten vodka tonics during happy hour.  Or, maybe, he’s just off camera coming into the Verizon store with a machete dressed in tribal gear he picked up while on his latest solo vacation to Arizona.

Maybe that’s why the Verizon guy has such wide eyes and excuses himself to go to the back of the store in such a hurry.

Maybe there’s a part two to this commercial?  Next month.  Or in the fall.  Maybe they will bring them all back on December 22 when the Mayan calendar expires.  It will make it so much easier to deal with the end of mankind knowing that these crying fools and Verizon, too, have reached the end of the line.

Here’s the commercial if you insist on going there.  But please don’t shoot my blog.  Close it first.  Thank you.



From Russia With Love / Adventures While Walking/ Rumi / Edith Armstrong

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Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open? ~[[wiki:Rumi]]

I keep the telephone of my mind open to peace, harmony, health, love and abundance. Then, whenever doubt, anxiety or fear try to call me, they keep getting a busy signal – and soon they’ll forget my number. ~Edith Armstrong

I was doing the daily walk in our neighborhood yesterday when an attractive, young woman came around the corner about 200 feet down the road. She was walking her dog and wearing a pair of shorts that were cut off at the top of the leg (or thereabouts). Suddenly she bent over to tie her shoe and her butt was pointed in my direction for at least a minute while I continued walking in her direction trying not to look.

The night before, as it happened, I was watching this very cool show on The Animal Planet about the wilds of Russia called, not surprisingly, Wild Russia. And I had been particularly impressed by these mountain goats with four foot horns that run around trying to mate with the little female goats. It’s just a wild, free-for-all with goats darting off in different directions. And there’s really no dating involved.

So, for some reason, this flashed through my mind, when this girl was tying her shoe. But then the strangest thing happened. She stood up, turned in my direction as she started walking away, and smiled broadly. And I thought, “Man, things really haven’t changed all that much. From Russian With Love, baby.” Then I realized she was probably just happy to be outside on a nice day with her dog and friendly as well.

But she went up one road and as I reached the corner I went in the other direction. Why? Because I ain’t no mountain goat.  And, (to bring it back to our Day One: phototime challenge/Open . . .

Be open-minded, but not so open-minded that your brains fall out. ~Stephen A. Kallis, Jr.

Zachary And The Coast Guard Ceremonial Honor Guard / Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier / Jury Duty / The End Of Parenting

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It’s Monday morning, sports fans and time to move forward!  Embrace the challenges of the coming week!  Did anybody watch the Stanley Cup playoff games this past weekend?  Talk about a rowdy affair!  There were lots of fights.  Lots of closeups of guys with their front teeth missing.  And the crowds were enjoying it. 

But I was not really enjoying it.  It’s amazing to watch these guys skating so fast and playing with the puck at the same time.  But I wish they would do more of that and less of the other stuff.  Because they don’t look very graceful when they fight.   All the magic flies out the window.  Sometimes things actually degenerate into a hair pulling contest.  And who wants to see that?  Maybe if they were female wrestlers it would be alright.  Mud wrestling can be fun to watch.  At least you know, up front, what you are getting into. 

I hate ending sentences with prepositions.  You are not supposed to do it.  I have failed.  Once again. 
But it’s a new week and there’s still time to make something happen.  Tomorrow I have jury duty.  And I can’t decide what to wear.  Probably a sport coat and a tie would be good.  It would show respect for the court.  Someone recently said on television that defendants are dressed by their lawyers in suits that are too big for them.  So they will look a bit less threatening I suppose.  If  I am chosen for a trial I’m ready for that one!  

Zachary paid us a visit this past weekend.  Today he is going to participate in a ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  A few weeks ago he was involved in a ceremony where President Obama strolled by (more prepositions durnit!).   He also spent some time training last week in the hangar where Air Force One is located.  So he’s getting around!  And he’s growing up.  I’ve noticed he doesn’t give me a lot of crap when I say something he doesn’t like.  He just keeps on going down the road as they say. 

He doesn’t leave.  I don’t mean to imply that he just gets up and marches out the door.  But, in his mind, he doesn’t dwell on my irritating statements.  He has more important things to worry about these days.  Like not screwing up in front of the President and dignitaries from around the world.
Ah, America.  You’ve gotta love it.
And I can worry about, well, my own problems.  After 38 years of being a parent (long before Zach arrived)  it seems like my official parenting duties are over!  “Over”  as in “over the hill” which is another preposition!  Ahhhh!  It’s a good feeling, I have to say.  Now, what color tie should I wear to the courthouse tomorrow?  Something really wild might be good (just to confuse them).   The problem is that I have cleaned up my act so much in the past year I’m not likely to fool them.  I got the Terry Bradshaw haircut.  But that is also the Larry David haircut.   And I often am accused by certain family members of being a Larry David clone which could not make anyone happy.  
Maybe I should wear tennis shoes and be  like Larry!    I’m actually looking forward to participating in the process.  But do they want me?  I hope so!  I have so much to contribute! 
And I’m ready to go! 

NBC12 New Cover Photo Contest / Vote! / Bringing Us All Together

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So the local NBC station, NBC 12 decided to have a photo contest for their Facebook page and picked out eight photos to be finalists.  One of my photos is one of them but it’s not winning.  There are a couple other photos that have more votes.  Maybe they are better.  Probably so.  I was surprised to get 75 votes because I don’t have that many family members on FB.


It may have something to do with karma too.  Because I never vote after watching American Idol.  These young people get up there and sing their guts out in front of millions of people.  Sometimes they are humiliated by the judges and have to keep on smiling.  They hold up their fingers so we can figure out how to vote for them.

And, apparently, millions of people do vote.  Although they did something last week that looked phoney.  One of the best singers in the remaining group was voted off!  Jessica Sanchez, who is a very nice talent, got the fewest votes!  Apparently.  So the judges rushed up on the stage and saved her.  One of the other contestants,  Elise Testone,  had a funny smile on her face through the whole process.  She didn’t look worried at all about going home.  Maybe she knew something ahead of time?  Because last week she looked very unhappy after a poor performance.  The girl doesn’t know how to hide her feelings.

I don’t think there’s much chance she will become an actress.

Whatever.  Maybe the whole process is rigged.  It wouldn’t surprise me.  But it would really surprise me if I won the NBC12 new cover photo for their FB page contest.  And it would really, really surprise me if I end up rich and famous because of photography.   Or anything at all!   My best bet is probably to figure out some way to write that is actually very interesting.   Think of [[wiki:Jack Handey]], for example.   Jack Handey said,  “It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man”.   That’s just genius in action.

And maybe a good agent, too.  But the point is he became somewhat rich and famous by writing sentences!  Not books.  Not even pamphlets. Writing sentences isn’t too hard!  We all can do that.  But how do we make them really interesting, funny and then get them in front of millions of people?   Ah, there’s the rub.

Maybe I could do a sitcom!   It would start out being a blog and the daily ramblings of a blogger.  But then, at some point,  this blogger and his readers would all end up on NBC12!  Cool!   Right now I’m watching American Pickers on the History Channel.  We all know it’s about two guys and their search for really exciting junk that’s been hiding out in old barns for a long time.  So anything is possible if not very likely.

One thing that I have noticed is that our local NBC channel has done a good job of interacting with folks on Facebook. They start discussions about things like Tom Brady’s new mansion out there in California and they ask questions like this. . .”If you were the lone winner of tonight’s Mega-Millions lotto Jackpot. . . So let me ask you – is it true that money can’t buy happiness – or is that just something people of modest income say to make themselves feel better..?”.

They post pictures and ask us to add captions. They’re nice. And I’m starting to feel like we are all in this thing together. Although I’m still not feeling like my pic is going to be their new cover photo. It has been fun to be included though. And it’s fun blogging as well. Ten years ago it would just have been an old guy with his big television box being fed media nonsense.

Now he can interact! And send nonsense back to the world! He’s much less isolated (as are we all in a way) and using his imagination. He has even learned to talk about himself in the third person! What’s next?!

Maybe he should make a Youtube video! It worked for [[wiki:Justin Bieber]]!



Crazy Commercial Of The Week / ZQuiet Will Put You Out!

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This week’s Crazy Commercial winner is ZQuiet!   And here we have a young man and his girl as they settle down for a restful night’s sleep after he inserts the ZQuiet device in his mouth.  Clearly the ZQuiet device is not only a cure for snoring but a potent sleep aid as the young man is instantly comatose once his head hits the pillow.  I’m wondering if he’s using MyPillow, another peacemaker in the bedroom,  since he’s instantly OUT and it’s not clear exactly why ZQuiet has such a profound effect.


I couldn’t find an exact replica of the commercial on Youtube but it’s part of this one which, unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your point of view, is in Spanish.  At least I think it’s Spanish.  My foreign language skills were profoundly effected in the third grade when we were forced to sit on the floor and watch a young lady try to teach us French on a twelve inch television.

But getting back to our young couple, every time I see this commercial I’m very impressed with the length of time it requires this guy to enter his dreamland vistas.  It’s as if he is unaware there’s a beautiful, young lady parked next to him.  Touching him.  And not unhappy at the moment.

I’m not saying they should launch into something here but wouldn’t a “goodnight dear” or a little kiss be in order?   Has the snoring been so bad prior to the coming of ZQuiet they have lost the desire to communicate entirely?  Then why are they even sleeping in the same bed?  Wouldn’t it be simpler to sleep apart and then our young stud wouldn’t have to sleep with a big chunk of plastic in his maw?

So many questions.  And so little time.  I guess it really is all about time and the ZQuiet folks clearly want to talk about the ZQuiet device.  But they ought to consider the notion that we want to talk about other things.  And this commercial seems utterly fake.   They should take a cue from the ED people who know how to make a commercial.  Here’s a guy who has taken his Viagra (or whatever)  and he’s sitting in an old bathtub with his girl next to him in HER own bathtub.  Because you need two old bathtubs in the backyard to make a good commercial!

But the point is he’s used the product and yet he hasn’t jumped on top of his partner!  Why?  Because IT TAKES TIME To Work!  And even if it IS WORKING we want to see a little human interaction.  The product is not some crack-like inducement to instant results that overrules every cell in our bodies AND our minds as well.  And while I’m on this subject let’s also allow that a television commercial isn’t going to overrule our sense of reality either.  Our minds will fight back!  And so they have here.

Now, where did I put the remote?


Tiger Childish At The Masters / Learning To Master Your Emotions / Winning

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It’s a really nice day here in Virginia with the temperature in the upper 60’s and lots of sun. I was out walking this morning when Zachary came by and so I cut the walk short after three or so miles. We sat out on the deck for awhile and talked. Zachary is doing his Honor Guard training at the Coast Guard base up in northern Virginia. There’s quite a lot of physical training, weight lifting and discipline involved in doing this. You have to be able to stand absolutely still at attention for two hours or more. The attention to details in your appearance is incredible. And then they have drills where they throw rifles (with bayonets attached!) to each other while their boss is in the middle of the toss. Many have scars from these practices.

I can really see a difference in Zach in the last few months. He seems calmer in a way. And more confident. I was thinking about this while watching Tiger Woods playing in the Masters the last few days. I have always liked Tiger and admired his incredible golfing talents. But he hasn’t played well this week and he’s at plus two today in the last round. Watching him play Friday on was a real treat. Nick Faldo said at one point that Tiger had lost his mind. He hit an errant shot to a par three hole, dropped his club and kicked it a good distance. One report says he may be fined by the PGA for doing this. I wasn’t bothered by his drop shot as much as his several “G.Damn’s” after other bad shots, echoing through the galleries on this Easter weekend, no doubt offending many church goers as well as (we might assume) the Deity Himself.

Tiger could really benefit from learning to control his emotions.   He’s not the same player he was a few years ago. He has had some serious injuries. Life has bitten him in the butt a few times. He can still win from time to time but I don’t really think he has come to terms with the aging process. And he seems to have a problem with greed. He wants things to be the way they were and he should be happy he experienced a level of play almost every golfer in the world will never experience. Once. In a way it’s similar to his desire to have a girl in every city (apparently) and a perfect family at home. That’s way over the top. It’s greedy. It’s childish.

And watching him on the golf course this week was like watching a teenager who shouldn’t be trusted with the keys to the car. Tiger needs to redefine the nature of the competition. It’s not about shooting the lowest score anymore. It’s about deciding who is going to win in the contest between the man and his negative emotions. If Tiger is as competitive as he says he is then I’m surprised he has lost so many times when it comes to dealing with this most basic challenge.

I’ve been watching Rory Mcilroy this week and he hasn’t played particularly well either. He finished up a poor round yesterday and gave his playing partner,Sergio Garcia, a hug because he also had a lackluster round.  There’s a sense of calm about Rory as he makes his way around this venerable golf course. Although he is years younger than Tiger he is, in effect, much, much older. And he’s clearly a winner. The jury is still out regarding Tiger Woods, the child prodigy of golf.

Imus Coughing Up Blood / Let Men Be Men / You Can Leave Your Hat On / Joe Cocker

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Imus is coughing up blood this morning.  This may be his last show, he says.

And you never know.  He may be right.  Imus has prostate cancer and emphysema.  He’s 71 years old and he gets on the treadmill every morning.  I think he said recently that has done this for the last 1300 plus days.  I watch him every morning because I love the guy.  He’s real.  He doesn’t hesitate to say what is on his mind.  A lot of the writing I do here happens because of him.  In a world where men are not encouraged to talk about their own thoughts and feelings he does it on a regular basis.  And you can kiss his butt if you don’t like it (except he wouldn’t say butt on his national stage of millions of listeners and viewers).

Imus encourages me by his example to walk every day.  And he gives me things to think about.  His audience is not the largest but book writers want to be on his show because it draws the higher income and educated folks who buy books.  He plays great music and I often download it from Amazon after hearing him play it to take on the next walk.

One of these days Imus will be gone.  And he will be greatly missed by some of us.

I’m feeling better this morning.  The allergies have subsided.  When I get sick I often feel alone.  The poor self-image tapes starts running in my head.  But not to the point of depression anymore.  The walking helps.  Staying away from vodka probably helps too.  Native Remedies Triple Complex Mood Tonic from Amazon is great in a pinch.  We do the best we can to fight off the evil forces in our lives.  Don’t we Imus?

This morning on the show they played You Can Leave Your Hat On by Joe Cocker.  The video has a performance by the young Micky Rourke who, of course, has had to deal with many of his own demons.  In a world where white males often serve as the negative anchor in political and social arguments it is important to remember that individual men are very often not those men.  They can not so easily be put in a neat box and tied up with a bow.  Men are often victims too.  But when they utter such “nonsense” they only compound their problem.  My walks often take me by the neighborhood elementary school because the sidewalk on the main street ends nearby and it’s safer to go there.  Why do I even have to justify my travel route?  Because I feel the thoughts of people around me.  And some of them are not very kind.

This is the world we live in.  My wife tells me I am just paranoid.  And this is true too.  She is my angel in this crazy world.  So let’s back it up a little and go back to Joe Cocker and his great music.  I can remember a time when I was about his age in this video.  Before my angel appeared.  I used to correspond with another witty blonde lady (not a oxymoron) who lived up in the DC area.  And then, one day she, well, drove to Richmond.

Let men be men. And women be women. Let us all rejoice in being who we are.

Jonathan Edwards / A Natural History of Pragmatism / Light, Color And Words

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Histimines attack !  Yes, this is what they do.  All the pollen in the air has left me subject to this neurotransmitters aggressive response so we are just going to stay home and maybe watch golf on this Sunday afternoon.  

I am also reading this weekend a book by Joan Richardson entitled A Natural History of Pragmatism.  It’s not easy reading but every once in awhile it is fun to try and figure a few things out.  Right now I am reading about Jonathan Edwards who had a fascination with light and the work of Isaac Newton.   He wrote in Beauty of the World (1725) “Tis very probable that that wonderful suitableness of green for the grass and plants, the blue of the sky, the white of the clouds, the colors of the flowers, consists in a complicated proportion that these colors make with one another, either in the magnitude of the rays, the number of vibrations that are caused in the optic nerve, or some other way.   It seems he was very tuned in to the  vibrations of substances in nature and the infinite different colors produced.  The author writes “For Edwards, Newton’s catalogue of the behaviors of light, precisely detailed following his experiments, translated into a spiritual catalogue of the states of mind of individuals seeking salvation”. 

Yesterday I was walking at the U and taking photos of the wonderful signs of spring so this passage interested me and I’m trying to work my way into it.  It’s clear that sunlight causes vibration in matter.  Edwards associated the sun with Christ and prisms of light, various shades and colors, and words.  “Sometimes only mentioning a single word, causes my heart to burn within me”. 

He would often go out in the woods to be alone with the sun, the colors of nature and his thoughts.  And he would try to inform his congregations about his experiences, hoping, no doubt, to help them discover what he had experienced.  He must have been a lonely man. 

Oh, there I go making light of his work!  Sorry.  One thing that these guys had in common, including later arrivals in the pragmatic camp, like William James,  was an ability to write and talk about their experiences and ideas in very great detail.  I don’t mind that so much.  It’s at least as enjoyable as doing a crossword puzzle when you are feeling under the weather.  But it always seems like one is entering a giant labyrinth with many side doors that require time to investigate and lead somewhere else.  There’s a pile of books on the bed.  I just cut up a bunch of paper to make bookmarks! 

But the computer, obviously, has made much of it a lot easier than it used to be.  And patience seems a bit easier to posses with age.  But of more importance is the desire to come back to it in a world where the television is always beckoning us to resume our normal programming.  I’ve become aware with the daily walking (not today, however. . . cough, snuffle, sniff)  that it is possible to tune out the media hook and build, if only by a little bit each week, a better body.  And the presence of the great university next door during those walks has somehow reminded me that this new world is out there.  It’s tangible and important. 

It just requires a little constancy to experience.  One foot in front of another and so we go down the path.  I can even write about it in a blog and share the results with anyone around the world who is interested.  There may be one or two in all the world!  I’ve always found this to one of the most exciting aspects of blogging.  That someone, on a small island somewhere, thousands of miles away, may stumble on something I wrote and find it resonates with their own thoughts and feelings.  Like a note in a bottle they will fish it out and read it. 

These days they can even put another note in the bottle and toss it back to the sender.  What would Jonathan Edwards think about that!  Can the light that arrives to us in the computer monitor be transmuted from base images of golfers chasing piles of cash into messages from him leading to the spiritual realm?  I don’t know!  But it can do many, many different things.  And some of them are definitely made of higher vibrations than others. 

If Jonathan Edwards had a smartphone would he take it with him when he went out into the woods?  

You see my problem?  Maybe it’s time to go watch some golf on the other, bigger screen downstairs. 

Tiger Woods Doing Well / A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

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It’s Sunday and a typical spring day here in Virginia with cloudy skies and an occasional rain drop or two.  My window was open and happy bird sounds were keeping me company until a neighbor decided to “rake” his lawn with one of those mechanical contraptions you strap on your back.  This thing blows air thru a tube and it makes a lot of noise.  After about an hour it started to annoy me.  It’s Sunday, for Pete’s Sake!  So I decided to go for a walk and maybe strike out on a new path around the corner to see what’s up with our disturber of the neighborhood peace.   And there he was!  Blowing a pine cone around his driveway.  He was having so much fun he didn’t realize he was done! 

Onward and upward.  Five miles later I returned home and, thankfully,  Buck Rogers was done for the day.  His pine cone must have surrendered.  Betsy was off somewhere and the house was quiet so I decided to take a shower and watch some golf.   Commercials!  What are the odds of tuning in to something more interesting than. . . oh wait.   What is this?  A commercial for ED. . .electoral dysfunction.  I didn’t know they had primaries on weekends?  A beautiful, young black woman is dancing in her kitchen.  She’s plugged into her  I-pod and doesn’t see her husband come in.   He’s holding a grocery bag and giving her a big smile.  Apparently he was able to find something at the grocery store and didn’t even need medical insurance to purchase it!  Now they are flying down the road in a convertible.   But wait.  It’s a different guy.   This girl really gets around!
Oh, it’s a different girl too.  Darn it.  I thought we were on to something new in the world of television commercials there for a moment.  Finally the golf returns and Tiger is in the lead!  OMG.  Tiger is winning by three strokes on Sunday at Bay Pines.  But I have tuned in to watch him play and inevitably that means his game will be heading south very soon.   It always seems to go that way  (in the past few years anyway).   But you never know.   Tiger has been playing pretty well lately.  And some time has passed since his  adventures in “NO-ED here” land.    Tiger has a spiritual side and I fully expect his game to make a complete recovery.  
Life goes on.  Hey, what’s this?  There’s a guy on the green with Tiger and he’s got a leaf blower!  He just blew Tiger’s ball into the lake! 
Oh, sorry.  I must have nodded off there for a second.  Just a little dream on a peaceful (sometimes) Sunday afternoon here in Virginia. 
And hopefully  yours is going well too. 

Imus Drops The F-Bomb On Fox Business Network

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Imus has a great fear of flying and he wasn’t happy to hear about the sun’s eruptions.  He’s a little tense before his frequent trips to Texas to watch his son, Wyatt, participate in rodeo competitions. This morning Connell McShane was delivering a report on the massive solar flares that are due to arrive here soon when Imus erupted with the F-bomb on the Fox Business Network. He immediately realized he had gone over the edge and said, “What was I saying? That didn’t get on the air did it? It couldn’t. . .they would censor it”. But it did and they didn’t censor it. Later in the program Imus came back to this moment and tried to blame the earthy eruption on Lou Rufino, the sound engineer and part-time impersonator, suggesting that he said something else that sounds similar (to what Imus actually said).   All of this at 7:11 est this Thursday morning on Fox Business Network.  Giving you the power to prosper!

So we have solar flares pounding the magnetic field around earth today. And we have Imus doing damage to the airwaves. It may be a good time to keep your head down and stay close to the ground!  It’s interesting to me that I have seen no other report of this incident in the news or on the internet.  There are many reports of Chris Mathews doing the same thing while talking to Imus several years ago.  Imus chastised Mathews at the time.  But this time he slipped.  I guess it has become so common an occurrence that nobody cares.  But it would be nice to see it quarantined on HBO and Showtime awhile longer.

Searching For Jewelry Of The Heart

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Here’s something I found at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History down the hall from the Hope Diamond. At some point in the past this bauble was probably hanging around someone’s neck. What’s it called? I have no idea.

So it snowed this past weekend here in Virginia and some of it is still on the ground. I didn’t take any photos of it because it was cold outside and I was preoccupied with a little project here in my office. Rearranging furniture can be time consuming and it requires some heavy lifting, at times, too. You have to be careful not to lose stuff and then there are all the wires that need to be reconnected to all the electronic equipment. I know it sounds boring as hell and it is.

So I have lost my blogging focus and can’t seem to find it. Where did it go? And I have only walked a couple of days in the past week. More consternation. Gas prices are heading up but that’s not an issue here. I still have a third of a tank from when we drove up to Cape May last month. The car just sits there. A few days ago some material arrived in the mail for jury duty. They want to keep tabs on me for two months starting around mid March.

Every once in awhile I need to have a “team meeting” with my coach, aka Betsy, beloved wife and source of reason (or, at least, planning) and try to regain my bearings. We would like to go up to DC this spring and look around for a few days. Hopefully, the jury folks won’t call while we are there. Or, maybe, I can put some dates in this form letter and they will take note of it.

And then there is the tube. Television has been around for about sixty years which, coincidentally, is the length of time we have been watching it. In the history of the world few have been exposed to its “magic” much longer. What has it done during that time to my mind and soul?

I’m thinking “not very much. . . good”. Maybe this is why my consciousness seems to flit from one thing to another looking for a good channel. Isn’t there some place to be that will suffice? Isn’t there a mental state that will be good most of the time?

I wonder and continue to search. When it arrives I will hang it around my neck and close to my heart, an invisible necklace of jewels reflecting a light that does not arrive at the end of a wire.

Here are some photos of DC I have taken in the past and are actually for sale (another project yay!) here . . .

Attention/ Aliens Are Coming/ The PK Man And The Blogger/ Flossing Can Be Rewarding

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“There is just something distasteful about cramming my fingers in my mouth to floss my teeth. This product is great and I hope Reach continues to support it.”
–Courtney S. Putnam “C.S. Putnam” (Hooper, UT)
Right you are, Courtney! But I cannot decide whether to lay out the bucks to buy these things. Ten bucks for 56 of these little critters? This seems like a lot. Yet each one will probably last three or four days so, let’s see, that’s about a six month supply. And you don’t have to stuff your fingers in your mouth. Flossing is such a pain but definitely worth it once the task is finished. I couldn’t find these at the Rite Aid yesterday. But here they are!

I did find some Daytime Cold and Flu medicine for this rotten cold but it’s not working very well. It almost seems like it is making things worse. Sometimes I have these odd reactions to medications. They do the exact opposite thing. The wrong thing. Pain medication makes the headache worse, for example. Restless legs medicine gives me a case of the jumpy legs.

Does anybody else have this problem? It’s probably not a good idea to ask that question. It could lead to an increased sense of isolation. “Yes, you are totally weird, Mr. Blogger.”

Moving on and changing subjects. Here is something I found on Facebook a few days ago.

It’s a classic! We are just so full of ourselves sometimes. But we are all still here, so what does that say? Although things have been getting a little strange in the “aliens” sphere of things lately.

Last summer I read a book entitled The PK Man about Ted Owens, the self-proclaimed “world’s greatest psychic”. I was doing some weather related experiments because idle time truly is the devil’s workshop. And then, we had the earthquake. I was sitting on the balcony, many  stories up in the air, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, when it started to sway back and forth. That was the beginning of the end of my journey into Ted Owens’ territory. It freaked me out. I couldn’t help but consider the possibility that this jolt was related to Ted and his purported alien spacecraft parked somewhere in earth orbit.

It’s all in this book by Jeffrey Mishlove, PH.D. Parapsychologist. I emailed Mr. Mishlove about my findings but he has apparently moved on to other interests. Or, at least, he was not interested in my “findings”. And, neither was I after the quake.

But we did have a few interesting, positive results prior to August 23. There was a tropical storm bearing down on Haiti and it made a sudden turn away from all those poor people in their tents. There was a swamp fire down near Norfolk that was polluting half the state with smoke and a hurricane put it out in short order. And we called for, and got, a week of superb weather (the smoke went the other way before it was put out) here in Richmond for the U of R orientation. I mean the weather was perfect for a week in the middle of August, for Pete’s Sake! And there was a freaking swamp fire burning out of control down the road!