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Today the weather in central Virginia is “BE YOU” tiful!  Perfect.  Low humidity, cool breeze, warm sun.  I could go on but you get the picture.  I walked 8 miles with no discomfort and the birds were talking  the whole way.  The trees are still blossoming and I decided to take it over to the University of Richmond to see what picturesque scenes are on display there.  And what did I find?  Tulips!  Many colored wonderful flowers!  You thought I was going to say something else, right?  Well the girls are still looking good but it must be close to exams or something because they didn’t look particularly happy.  When is spring break?  Maybe it’s already over.  If you want to see some smiles you really need to visit a day or two before the great spring flight.

Today was not that day.  But I was preoccupied in any case with thoughts of John Carter and the music from his movie I just downloaded earlier for the walk.  Dagen Mcdowell on Imus was talking this morning about everybody downloading the music from The Hunger Games and so I went there on Amazon.  But, frankly, it was boring stuff although one person wrote to say she lives in the mountains of North Carolina where the movie was made.  And the music is great!  If you don’t like it don’t listen to it!

Okay.  Fine!  I won’t.  So I went to the music for  John Carter and it is great!  Or at least I want to listen to it even though the movie sucked!  Or maybe it didn’t suck.  Maybe it’s going to be a cult classic like some reviewers suggest.  There’s a long history of people loving John Carter and Edgar Rice Burroughs who created Tarzan, one of the most epic characters of all time.  Here’s a Youtube creation that clearly was done by someone devoted to the task.

So I was mulling this over on my walk but I was remembering doing some reading in my early days from ( I thought) this author about an apocalyptic vision and some poor dude lying in a drainage ditch with insects using him as their host for future generations of bugs.  I believe he was a gold buyer and hoarded lots of coins or bars as society deteriorated feeling, wrongly as things turned out, that this would see him through the disintegration of life on the planet.  How was it possible that Edgar Rice Burroughs who made Tarzan and was a great businessman felt this conservative fellow deserved such a sad end?

Well he didn’t! As it turns out this was William S. Burroughs who smoked opium and was crazy although an amazing writer who went to Harvard and helped to bring about the Beat Generation with fans like Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg.   These two guys represented the yin and the yang of adult fantasy writers in the twentieth century apparently.   Edgar wrote books that talked about strange things in the jungle but you were allowed to see them from a distance.  William felt they should be allowed to get under your skin and use you for lunch until, many moons later, you figured out a way to hold your breath until you died.  That would be where the drugs came in I suppose.

So Edgar is the guy  and I wanted to go see John Carter today but Betsy was not so fascinated with the idea and wanted to wait until he arrives On Demand.  Why pay 10 bucks when you can pay 5 and don’t care about the movie?  She has a point.  So I’m writing about it instead and pulling videos of  it from Youtube while try to remember what book I read that contained the sad tale of the gold buyer who was eaten by bugs.  I looked here but good luck trying to find it.  William was not easy to follow in print.  Following his book trail will also lead you into some seriously strange places.  It’s much easier staying with Lord of the Rings Online, Star Wars The Old Republic and John Carter.  All have a fantasy element that makes us wonder about life as we approach the end of the Mayan Calendar in December.

I don’t mind thinking about all of those things.  Orcs and aliens are alright to imagine from time to time.  But you have to draw the line somewhere! And when it comes to bugs I prefer eating to being eaten. Which reminds me, isn’t Survivor coming on tonight?

The Blogger Tackles Lumosity/ He Leaves Lord Of The Rings Behind / Good-bye Breezee

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You know that you have had enough of an online game when you log on and just sit there. Or you get on your horse and ride around in circles because there’s no place you really want to go. I have watched the online game, Lord of the Rings, evolve in the past 3 years. The trend is towards “free to play” which means, I guess, that you can do a few things for free but you definitely will pay to actually play the game. The tipping point for me came when I needed to use Turbine Points to fix my sword. I didn’t have enough of them and so had to buy them or go without. I was already paying ten dollars per month to play the game and this was supposed to include everyday actions, like revamping your sword, your axe or your spear. Also, if you want a certain horse, you have to buy it in the store. There were convenience-like stores sprouting up on every street corner in Middle Earth. My vision of this mystical land does not include 7-11’s. . . I need tasks that are relatively easy to do with characters I have spent three years making more powerful. I need to be able to do them alone without a bunch of kids (who are no doubt smarter than your blogging buddy). And upon successful completion there needs to be that special horse or something, at least, on the horizon. At this point I see nothing on the horizon. And so, as he rides into the sunset, along comes  Lumosity.

This game actually focuses on the individual and his needs. It is challenging and at the same time helps builds brain functions without a lot of frustration. There is competition of sorts although you are placed in a group with other folks your age. And you can actually drill down into your mental skills bank and determine what areas require more attention. Here are the starting marks I received. I was surprised to see my memory grades are actually better than some of the others. I thought I had a terrible memory! But paying attention seems to be more of a problem. Guess I should stop watching the news and football games while trying to do the training!





When I retired from the working world a few years ago it was tempting to spend hours playing Lord of the Rings, having a few drinks and avoiding exercise whenever possible. Well, that doesn’t work very well does it? Daily life now involves walking six miles or so, avoiding alcohol and tobacco and playing Lumosity.

What could be next? Who knows.  Clearly there is a lot of work left to do here. Widgets

Picture Of Skeleton Painted Horse/ How And Where I Found 3 Of Them/ Lord Of The Rings Online

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Here’s a photo of the Skeleton Painted Horse Breesome won last night.  Basically she did the first few quests but didn’t complete any of the quests inside the Haunted Burrow.  Instead she went directly to the Poorly Hidden Chest and there it was!   I’m not saying this is the way to make it happen but it’s worth noting.  Most of her brothers and sisters had already been in the burrow and done many of the quests and none of them won this horse.

Update:  Every day I have been running five or six alts through the Poorly Hidden Chest.  No luck for a couple of weeks.   And  then last night November 10  two of them won the Skeleton Painted Horse!  In both cases they went directly to the chest without doing any quests.

A Race Through The Haunted Burrow/ Guide To Harvest Festival Quests/ Lord Of The Rings Online

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After thinking about this some more it is even faster to do this quest in the following order:

1. Cobwebbed Wing  2. Creeping Wing  3.  Basement   4.  Attic.  Dong it this way you end up in the Main Attic after finding the fourth proof  and don’t need to retrace any steps.  You should be able to complete it well within four minutes.

So starting at the Painting Of A Watchful Warg turn right and go to the third door which is the Right Bookcase.  Go straight after you enter  until you hit the locked door.  To the left of this is the entrance to the Cobwebbed Wing.

Enter the Cobwebbed Wing and take your first left.  Take the next left and another left into the first room.  Then look for the door on the right wall of the room.  Enter this door and look to the right for the smaller cocoon.  This is the first proof.   The larger cocoon a bit  further away is for another quest.

The Haunted Burrow/ Guide To Harvest Festival Quests/ Lord Of The Rings Online

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Enter to face the Painting Of A Watchful Warg.

Go right. The first door is locked. The second door is the entrance to the Creeping Wing.  The third door is the Right Bookcase to the Main Cellar.

Or. . .

Go left.  The Left Bookcase to the Main Cellar is around the corner.  A missing hobbit is to the left of the bookcase around another corner before entering the Main Cellar.


The Creeping Wing

Painting Of A Watchful Goblin/ Lord Of The Rings Online/ Painting Of A Watchful Warg

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It’s Fall Festival time at Lord of the Rings Online.  I’m working on directions to the Haunted Burrow which is a very cool place.  Lots of scary and humorous inhabitants.  Here’s a new painting for the homestead.  And the eyes move! They follow you around the room.  How cool is that?