Directions For Virginia Photos

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What is blogging?   Is it a passing phase in the continually changing consciousness of the nation and the world?

OMG did I say that?

Yes.  And it is a question worth asking.  I have been a blogger for almost two years now.  It has been an enjoyable experience.   And one that suits the kind of mind that is. . .

Not too analytical

Not too smart

Not too  goal oriented

But one that enjoys people and enjoys creating moments.

Not necessarily big moments.  But moments that can be enjoyed and appreciated in a photo or a poem or a description of something.

Blogging can drive you batty.  And I have seen some very talented people fall along the way because they couldn’t quite figure out what they were doing.

People arrive and read your post.  Then they leave without any kind of response.  You have no idea how they felt about what you were trying to say.  Maybe they will return.

Maybe they won’t.   Maybe the plugins will work tomorrow.  Or some mysterious bug will mess them up.  Or the company who runs the servers will decide to shut you down for some obscure reason.

How do you get a handle on that?  Well I don’t think that you do get a handle on it.  You just wait to see what happens next.   It’s a lot like life.

And I am here to document that with you.  I enjoy waiting for the next surprise.

A little moment.  And perhaps next time…

A big moment.   You never know.

My Hopes For A New Day/ After The Party Is Over

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I think I will add things here as time goes on and ideas percolate to the surface.  They won’t necessarily be my ideas.  They could be yours if I understand and appreciate what you are saying.  Or you could just add your idea in the comment section.  I rarely understand anything that goes on there.  🙂

But then it’s fair play when you are an incoherent blogger at three in the morning.

Or anytime as I can be while wrestling with ADHD or RLS or GRLS(haha).

My notion is to envision here what things will be like once we all stop beating the dead horse of our so-called economy.   We are all attached to Trigger and it’s a difficult time.  Soon they will be bringing out the paddles and an old electric battery and i don’t even want to hear about that.

The first thing that comes to mind is that it would be really cool if we could limit the debt people incur in some way.  And the second thing would be that a sense of community returns to our cities and towns.

All of the politicians need to go.  And the new ones should have a clear understanding of the real needs of the citizens.  Their terms should ALL be limited and they should have to sleep at the huge shelters that will be set up at least five days per week.

I can see people coming together in large numbers here in Richmond to share a meal every evening.  And there will no longer be a great divide between city and suburb.  The dinner hall will be right in the middle.  The county line will run right underneath the large soup containers.

HHmmmm.   Soup.

People will sit around in their rusty lawn chairs after dinner and talk with other diners who they would never have  seen in the past.   Why not?  They don’t have jobs to go to.   And the sleeping areas don’t open up until nine.

But don’t be depressed by the thought of a homeless shelter.  They will be much nicer now that a much larger portion of the middle-class are enjoying their comforts.    Endless rows of neat bedrolls with space in between for a small box with a flower vase on it.  Plastic, of course, but still full of daisies picked that morning on the side of the road.

A small job for a smaller economy.

(to be continued)

Neptune Festival Next Weekend

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Beth reminded me that the Neptune Festival is happening next weekend at Virginia Beach.   And there will definitely be photo taking opportunities there.  It’s difficult to believe that a year has gone by since the last festival.  There are photos here from that competition.  Hopefully this year I will be able to gain a little different perspective while clicking away.

I had to laugh when I was going over some photos taken last July.  What is that thing out in the water?  Is it Jaws?

I never noticed it before but there is a dolphin out there.  Maybe he is watching the people having fun on the beach.   Maybe he is curious.

Friday Ruminations

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I was looking here yesterday evening and just sort of staring at the blog.  Feeling relatively empty after a week of turmoil and just amazed also at all the things I have done here in the past month.

Lots of creative stuff for an old geezer and maybe that’s what blogging will do for you after awhile.  Like anything else if you pursue it over a period of time you will learn some things and grow in different ways.  I was amazed as I went back to the beginning of our  trip in August.  But now I’m feeling pretty much empty.  When that happens it is always a good time to try and get out to take more photos.  Photos are the fuel and the Nikon D70 is the fuel tank.  It is rather small by today’s standards but then the fuel comes in micro-bits.

Beth tells me that the National Folk Festival will not be coming here this year but Richmond has managed to retain all the sponsors and plans to do the same thing again.   Hopefully many of the same talented people will be here plus some more.  Smile everyone!  Click.

Actually that’s not the way we take photos here.  We like to go for the candid shot.  And it’s difficult to get birds to smile.  Their beaks are a little too stiff.

And then we will be going up to northern Virginia to see my daughter and her family.   We have not seen their new home in Leesburg, Virginia.   It’s a pretty picture perfect part of the state so there should be more photo opportunities there.   As well as my grandchildren of course.  But not to worry they are all part of the paranoid wing of the party (I mean family) and like Beth will never be seen online.   Or rarely.  I have managed to sneak one or two photos of the kids into the blog but don’t tell anyone.

Have a nice weekend everyone.  The nice weather is finally coming in many places.  Hopefully the storms have passed and some of us can enjoy life a bit more again.

The Place Beyond the Words

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Dawn Rapture



The good things begin

When we go beyond the words

Music is the train

That takes us there

Or love

Or a photo that touches the heart

Poetry can do it

Or a twenty mile run

So many ways

We want to go

We need to go.

Sitting here reading these words

Imagine you are standing

Behind yourself

Watching yourself

Reading this

In the place beyond the words.

Today I Captured a Butterfly/ For Butterfly Drawings

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photo of flowers and butterfly for drawing

This was taken at Maymont Park this morning.  I took a few photos.   In digital camera terms that’s about one hundred or so pics.   I am not sure if I like it or not but here it is.  And maybe I will post a flower or two and  bring the total to three which is a lucky number.

Darkness Descends on the Blogger's Abode

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Hanna Radar

I was noticing that it is rather dark outside my little window this morning.  And I could hear hard rain hitting the roof.  But only when I received an email from someone in South America asking me if I was alright did I go to the Weather Channel and find THIS.

This storm is right on top of my house!   That’s not very nice.

THIS MAP IS PRETTY COOL.  It shows weather from all over the world and changes from day to day.

Thank you for all the comments lately.  I appreciate them.  I ALWAYS want to know what you think about anything.  It doesn’t even need to be about a post here. It could be about a dream you had last night.  I spent years listening to people talk about their lives in a professional capacity.  It’s just something that I enjoy.  And thank goodness for that!  Otherwise I might not ever have had a job!
There is one thing I need to stop doing however.  When I write to someone and they do not respond for whatever reason I try to figure out why they did not respond.  And usually I come up with reasons that have to do with my own inadequacies.  And then it drives me crazy. You might be thinking I am one of your favorite bloggers (unlikely but possible) and I am thinking you hated something I wrote and are never coming here again.  Meanwhile you have simply not checked your email or something like that.
After a little over a year of blogging and many lost minutes of angst over stuff like this I’m officially putting this one in the delete bin.  It’s ridiculous to do this.  It’s a bad habit.  It’s a waste of time.
Well it looks like today is definitely going to be a wet one.  I would say that the air show is probably not going to happen.  But they could still be having duck races down on Broad Street.

Sunday Morning

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Bright and early Sunday morning.  What’s Happening?

I don’t know.  One thing may be happening.  Or another.  Or Both.  Since we have returned from our vacation comments around here from just about everyone have stopped.  And when that happens the blogger has to ask him or herself. . .what is happening?

Maybe the vacation stuff was a degree or two more interesting and entertaining than your normal fare around here.  Readers are waiting for something as good before commenting.  Or maybe it is the Labor Day weekend.  Everybody is off enjoying their own vacation.  I hope this is the case.

Or maybe it’s me.  Maybe I’m having a letdown because I can’t take photos like this one now.  And so I don’t know what to do.

Probably this last thing is at the heart of the problem.  There are always things to write about and take photos of in your environment.  It’s more a matter of attitude.   Am I excited about life right now?  That’s the issue.  And I would have to say “No” to answer that question.

And two things can happen at this point.  I can lay low and say nothing.  Wait for the life springs to start flowing again.  Or I can explore this other world.  I can write about it.  Take photos of it.  And share some of it with you.

Any suggestions?

Or, more importantly, what are you doing this Labor Day weekend?


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He retired at fifty and recently began blogging to avoid having too much free time and perhaps going out of his mind.  A dead poet who has not yet introduced himself formally now inhabits his brain and helps him write poetry.

The blogger lives with his beautiful wife and three dogs in Richmond, Virginia. He and his wife have five children and six grandchildren at last count. They travel a great deal and these adventures are documented in his blog Virginia Breeze.




When he was eight in the 50’s

His gang dug long ditches

And covered them

With boards and dirt.

You needed a password to get in.

His mother was afraid.

Her child was underground

And possibly food for worms

If the construction methods

Were not up to date.

So he was sentenced to the back yard

Alone. Behind some bushes

He dug his own place

But had no boards so used

A few branches and straw.

Then his little sister wandered by

And fell through the ceiling and cried.

His father felt he had tried to capture her

In a pit like a wild animal

So he was beaten with a belt

In the cellar and he cried.

Later he went out in the yard

And relaxed in the grass

With his arms thrown wide

Looking at the sky

Letting the mosquitoes bite

Until it didn’t hurt anymore.

The bites became kisses

And the pain went away.

* * *

A few days later he became ill

And his mother was alarmed.

She called the doctor

And he called the hospital.

The boy went there for weeks

And nearly died.


He had a nice time

A vacation as everyone

Sat by his bed.

Perhaps even thought

About the place he might go

And all his new friends

Amid safe construction

Methods. Underground.

Recovery was slow

But he ran once again.

And his parents learned

A valuable lesson.

Don’t hold too close

The ones whom you love.

Or you may find

They have left you



Bugs is a submission to Poets Wear Prada for an Anthology Selection- BUGS