Irish Festival/ Richmond, Virginia/ Keyword Luv No More/ Patrick Henry

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Beth and I went downtown this past weekend to hang out at the Irish Festival near St. Patrick’s Church on Church Hill. It was a warm day and there were crowds aplenty enjoying themselves as they tried to get from one side of the street to the other by burrowing through some of their neighbors.

I can do this for about an hour before I start to get really, really tired and cranky. Having a camera in my hand does tend to prolong my participation in these kinds of events however. Beth was happy to find a present or two and some Brunswick stew. I don’t wait in lines to buy food (at least until the next depression). But I did get some photos!

(There’s a photo here of St John’s  Church where Patrick Henry gave his  famous speech. )

On a separate and unrelated subject I have deep-sixed the Keyword Luv plugin. I did this for a variety of reasons and none of them will make sense to some of you.

But what else is new?

Basically I feel like KWL is messing up my  entire blogging experience and my blog as well.  It draws comments based on its existence here and what it does.   It’s like free advertising.  Most of the comments drive me crazy because they are so transparently fake.

And here I am trying to create a blog that is moves to a deeper level of human feeling.  It hopes to visit our common humanity once in awhile.   So why would I encourage these comments?   My mistake.

And what must Google think?  It is trying to create search results  based on genuine interest and not commercial gimmicks.  My stats don’t look that impressive since I installed this thing and there is a gradual decrease in monthly visits.  Could there be a connection?  I don’t know but I guess we will find out.

The bottom line is that I’m losing interest in posting and wondering why?   The combination of falling stats and inane comments may be two of the biggest reasons as I try to introspect about this issue.

Beth and I will be going to Virginia Beach and Washington DC in a week or so and there will be some better opportunities to post.   I’m hoping that the vacation plus  the goodbye party for KWL will reinvigorate my desire to blog.

And, as always, I will share my thoughts and feelings here.  Because that’s what this blog is supposed to be about.  It’s a personal blog and a diary of sorts with lots of photos.

I need to do a better job and stick to the mission.

Click on the thumbnail photo to enlarge and for a slide show

St patrick day

Directions For Virginia Photos

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What is blogging?   Is it a passing phase in the continually changing consciousness of the nation and the world?

OMG did I say that?

Yes.  And it is a question worth asking.  I have been a blogger for almost two years now.  It has been an enjoyable experience.   And one that suits the kind of mind that is. . .

Not too analytical

Not too smart

Not too  goal oriented

But one that enjoys people and enjoys creating moments.

Not necessarily big moments.  But moments that can be enjoyed and appreciated in a photo or a poem or a description of something.

Blogging can drive you batty.  And I have seen some very talented people fall along the way because they couldn’t quite figure out what they were doing.

People arrive and read your post.  Then they leave without any kind of response.  You have no idea how they felt about what you were trying to say.  Maybe they will return.

Maybe they won’t.   Maybe the plugins will work tomorrow.  Or some mysterious bug will mess them up.  Or the company who runs the servers will decide to shut you down for some obscure reason.

How do you get a handle on that?  Well I don’t think that you do get a handle on it.  You just wait to see what happens next.   It’s a lot like life.

And I am here to document that with you.  I enjoy waiting for the next surprise.

A little moment.  And perhaps next time…

A big moment.   You never know.

Lord of the Rings Online Blogging With WordPress

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Lord of the Rings Online/ Mines of Moria is a wonderful fantasy-filled game full of mirth and adventure.  And now they have added a blogging area for their fans to express themselves.

It is a WordPress blogging area.  Isn’t that convenient?

It is for this blogger who has four WordPress blogs and doesn’t need to spend time learning another way of doing things.

This is so cool.  You can have fun in Middle Earth and then blog about it.  I spent about thirty minutes this morning coming up with this. ..

and   had a bump in traffic because of it.  I really enjoy this game and recommend it to those of you who love Tolkien and the little hobbit fellows.

It really is hysterical watching hobbits try to run in this  game.  Their tiny legs go back and forth is frenzied  fashion as they dash across the tundra.  But I shouldn’t make fun of them.  Some of my best friends are hobbits.

Please make a friend request if you visit my lotro blog and play this game.  I will put you front and center.

I cannot predict where my blogging adventure will take me.  It’s just a matter of following the fun and trying to share it with anyone who is interested.

Stumble The Boo Zoo Or Your Favorite Post Before Halloween And Be Linked

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*The Boo Zoo is seeing a little action and I appreciate the support.  Stumble it and you merit a mention when I find something  really cool that you have made.  (You know. . if everybody did this and then we all checked out the new links and added them to new posts we could all have an amazing number of relevant links and higher PR’s in a short period of time.)

Successful blogging requires THIS.  Anne describes in a concise way how to get from here to there.

Bernie is back from his vacation and his photos are sizzling.  Don’t mind the title.  He’s being funny.

And Ron is giving out gift ideas.  This book making process is fascinating and the company he is using appears to have the process down to a very inexpensive science.   Save 30 percent on print orders.

Evita weighs in with healthy snacks for the little Halloweeners (and the big ones too).


Virginia Breeze and the Chamber of Commerce

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, originally uploaded by Davidlind.

Your blogging friend has been asked to do the photos for a Visitor’s Guide published by the Chamber of Commerce in this area.

How about that?  And it’s a perfect time of year to take some photos of the outdoors with the leaves just starting to seriously turn different colors.

This publication will go out to thousands of people in the area and it will include a bio of the photographer. So I will be taking a lot of photos in the next few weeks. And there should be some photos of Heaven being published soon because that’s where I will be.

This has also got me thinking about publishing a book of poems and photos using I’m a little late for this Christmas but we will see.

First things first and the Visitors Guide.

I will let you know how it goes.

Also a new edition of WordPress has come out today.  It offers a couple of security fixes so it’s probably a good idea to “get er done”.   And prior to that . . . Today would be a good day to BACK UP the blog.  In fact I am going to do it right now and suggest you might want to do it too.

Middle Of The Week/ Lost In Richmond

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It makes things a lot easier if you write about something that fascinates a lot of people.   I was looking at some of the top blogs earlier and they focus on movie stars and electronics stuff.   If you do that in a cool way you will easily have a successful blog.  I used to put photos of movie stars in a blog that was sort of floundering around and they brought in a lot of readers.  But then I found this very unsatisfying.  Because I wasn’t going to advertise off of them and make money.  I was just serving them in some strange way that they most likely didn’t even want or need.  There was no joy in it and certainly no creativity.

So I stopped doing that and took all of it down except for the absolutely amazing photos of a couple of dynamite babes including a fascinating photo of Charlize Theron.  But that really is another subject and it goes beyond blogging into the realm of remembering how beautiful a human being can be for awhile on the outside.

So I am still floundering on that blog NewsLink Briefs but at least it gives me something to think about and experiment with in my more relaxed moments.  Blogging is in general a way of dealing with idle time in my book and avoiding the boob tube and other mostly useless activities.

So more power to these guys but if it’s not about money, electronics or the latest Hollywood gossip you have a more challenging way to go.   A lot of us out here are trying to make something interesting out of our unglamorous lives.  We are doing it without superior media skills or writing ability.  And we are supporting each other as we try to do this.   We are not in competition with each other.

I am basically enjoying life and taking photos that will memorialize the good times in a way that requires me to do it on a regular basis.  So later when I get Alzheimer’s I can look at this blog and try to remember how things were in the good old days on a day to day basis.

Probably you won’t read about that rationale for blogging anywhere else on the web today.  Or possibly ever.

But I’m still going to blog until the end of my days.

“Ate soup today”

“Got lost in the woods”

“Charlize Theron visited  today and wanted to ravish me”.

“Who is Charlize Theron?”

So I guess that makes me a dedicated blogger.   I have a niche.   And I hope you will pardon me but I need to go scratch it.

Let Us Ruminate/ Tis Wednesday

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Midweek timeout.  Take a breath.  You can make it if you try.  It has been a busy week so far and I feel like I have spent so much time with the photos that I have neglected the writing aspect of blogging.

What is blogging?  Perhaps it is thinking out loud.   Or maybe it is a rap session.  Remember those?  We used to have them all the time when we were in college.   Somebody would stop by and then somebody else who hoped to be with that somebody would walk by the room.

And then that somebody would do a U-turn and flop down on the beanbag chair.  And then somebody else who wanted to “protect”  one of those already in the room would suddenly appear.   Somebody would tell a joke and then the noise level would rise and the guys or girls in the neighboring room would have to investigate.

Is blogging like that?  In it’s better moments perhaps.  It COULD BE like that if a lot of old foggies like myself decided we wanted it to be like that.

The physical element would be missing.  But some of us wouldn’t regret that at all.   None of the guys who are still holding on to their midlife crises would be interested.

But the rest of us would find some comfort in pretending we were in that smelly room again and just sharing our thoughts and emotions with others who were in the same boat.

And trying to navigate without a paddle.

Hey dude!   Did you hear what Robin had to say?   She is so far out.  She knows how to put things in perspective.   She helps me deal with things i dream about when I’m lonely.   I can’t say enough about her.  Now she has the word when it comes to falling in love.

What a babe.

Let’s order a pizza.  Anybody got any money?


Neptune Festival Next Weekend

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Beth reminded me that the Neptune Festival is happening next weekend at Virginia Beach.   And there will definitely be photo taking opportunities there.  It’s difficult to believe that a year has gone by since the last festival.  There are photos here from that competition.  Hopefully this year I will be able to gain a little different perspective while clicking away.

I had to laugh when I was going over some photos taken last July.  What is that thing out in the water?  Is it Jaws?

I never noticed it before but there is a dolphin out there.  Maybe he is watching the people having fun on the beach.   Maybe he is curious.

Friday Ruminations

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I was looking here yesterday evening and just sort of staring at the blog.  Feeling relatively empty after a week of turmoil and just amazed also at all the things I have done here in the past month.

Lots of creative stuff for an old geezer and maybe that’s what blogging will do for you after awhile.  Like anything else if you pursue it over a period of time you will learn some things and grow in different ways.  I was amazed as I went back to the beginning of our  trip in August.  But now I’m feeling pretty much empty.  When that happens it is always a good time to try and get out to take more photos.  Photos are the fuel and the Nikon D70 is the fuel tank.  It is rather small by today’s standards but then the fuel comes in micro-bits.

Beth tells me that the National Folk Festival will not be coming here this year but Richmond has managed to retain all the sponsors and plans to do the same thing again.   Hopefully many of the same talented people will be here plus some more.  Smile everyone!  Click.

Actually that’s not the way we take photos here.  We like to go for the candid shot.  And it’s difficult to get birds to smile.  Their beaks are a little too stiff.

And then we will be going up to northern Virginia to see my daughter and her family.   We have not seen their new home in Leesburg, Virginia.   It’s a pretty picture perfect part of the state so there should be more photo opportunities there.   As well as my grandchildren of course.  But not to worry they are all part of the paranoid wing of the party (I mean family) and like Beth will never be seen online.   Or rarely.  I have managed to sneak one or two photos of the kids into the blog but don’t tell anyone.

Have a nice weekend everyone.  The nice weather is finally coming in many places.  Hopefully the storms have passed and some of us can enjoy life a bit more again.

The Place Beyond the Words

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Dawn Rapture



The good things begin

When we go beyond the words

Music is the train

That takes us there

Or love

Or a photo that touches the heart

Poetry can do it

Or a twenty mile run

So many ways

We want to go

We need to go.

Sitting here reading these words

Imagine you are standing

Behind yourself

Watching yourself

Reading this

In the place beyond the words.

Today I Captured a Butterfly/ For Butterfly Drawings

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photo of flowers and butterfly for drawing

This was taken at Maymont Park this morning.  I took a few photos.   In digital camera terms that’s about one hundred or so pics.   I am not sure if I like it or not but here it is.  And maybe I will post a flower or two and  bring the total to three which is a lucky number.