Winter 2008

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I need to get out and take some photos.  Yesterday was the first day in over two weeks that I felt really good.  So  I will be going out and looking for targets of opportunity soon.

Here is a photo from an ice storm we had awhile ago.   It’s pretty bad when you have to resort to this, isn’t it?  But it’s a new photo anyway that I have never put up and it’s kind of nice.  It has a certain symmetry

Or not.

This past weekend was a real eye opener as far as the economy is concerned.  We went to a Christmas party that is packed every year and there were quite a few empty tables this year.  Then we went to see The Nutcracker and there were very many empty seats at the Saturday evening performance.

It’s not looking good sports fans.  Have you noticed anything like this in your neighborhood?

But it said on the news that people are still buying Christmas trees.  So that’s good.  Maybe they are just staying home and enjoying them more.

I hope so.

Fireworks and High Blood Pressure!!

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Today I had a medical physical and then spent the day trying to be more organized. And in the middle of all that I had an attack of Restless Legs (RLS). So when I look back on the day I feel like it was productive. But it wasn’t a fun day.

Do you ever have to wear those little gowns that tie around your neck and don’t really have a back to them? I hate those things. And then they have the AC going like a blast furnace in reverse. So you are freezing your little rear end off. Just sitting there on THAT table waiting for someone to drop by and EXAMINE you.

And then when this person walks in it is not the person you were expecting who has done it before. It’s a woman!

Actually that was a nice surprise. She was nice and I had to ask myself whether I would rather be examined by someone I didn’t really know who was a guy or a girl. And the answer came back. . . .

A GIRL! Woman actually. Health care professional with the XX chromosome. But she took my blood pressure and it was a little high. And it’s never been high. What’s that about?

It’s about geese!! They just walk out into the road in front of your car and they never look first to see if the coast is clear! They just go! And if you are coming down the road at fifty miles an hour when they do it well it’s up to you Jack to STOP THE CAR before there are goose feathers exploding all over your hood ornament.

So that happened right before I got to the medical center. Then it was fifty degrees inside. And then the other stuff happened. Who wouldn’t have slightly high blood pressure after that?

The rest of the day was basically cleaning my office organizing photos and jumping around with restless legs. Jordin Sparks was on So You Want To Be A Dancer tonight. So that was nice. Dinner was lovely. I talked to my son about getting the headlight in his car fixed and he didn’t react negatively.

Basically things went uphill after the geese tried to commit suicide on my car bumper and I got rid of the gown. I’m not really a gown person.

Even a really nice one would not be my cup of tea.

Here are a couple of photos from last weekend that turned out alright. Fireworks!! Don’t you love em. It’s fun trying to time the photo so you take it when the firework explosion is in full bloom.

Beach Watching/ Mother Nature Arrives

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Children laugh long and play under the sun

While waves crash around their happy actions.

And I was out there for a short while too

Watching a babe who was lithe and dark tanned.

When the ocean quite fast zeroed in on its man

And knocked me sideways onto my tender can.

Tumbling around in a large playful wave

I suddenly knew I should try to behave

And struggling emerged from a watery grave

To rest my poor bod in some inviting shade.

“Dear Father”

“Lay us down now

Let us rest for awhile

May the heat heal somehow

And improve our profiles.

The sound of children

Splashing nearby

Mend our souls and make us sane

Before we try to swim again.”


It’s safer watching them from here.

The radar’s working well this year.

It seeks and finds brief suits defined

Curvaceous thighs victorious smiles. . .

I think it may be time to go

Back to my liquid filled furrow!

But now I feel the need to rest

Sleep slowly does my brow caress

The sound of booming waves assists

And soon I’m gone in dreams of bliss.

Dreaming I’m  a little boy

Perhaps of three or four

Playing on the water’s edge

Watching someone smile my way

A presence lovelier than any

Love eyes

You know from your own birth

Those gifts

From God that fill the earth.

She suddenly laughs and tenderly asks

“Did you love the wave I sent your way

My present to you on this wonderful day

As your thoughts were wandering

So very far away?”

Her eyes danced with fire soft starlight too

And her voice endless chimes did excite.

Her image shimmered as morning dew

In a changing gown of pure light.

Then the ocean stilled

As the waves ceased their motion

And all on the beach

Gathered round in devotion.


I awoke with a start!

Ran down to the shore

Dove into the water

Looked around for her alter.

No longer hunting for someone fair

With delicious body and long golden hair.

But seeking the love that keeps us alive

And wanting the source of the waves and our lives.



More poetry from Davidlind

Love’s Aging Moments

For all the different loves there are
I find this one to be by far
The one that keeps me up at night
The one that brings us most delight.

It calls to me each time to climb
The tree of passion fruit divine.
Although I sometimes fail to see
The bending grass that waits for me.

And yes I sometimes fall from grace
And land upon a softer place.
These things they seem to come and go
Like antlers on a dear old foe.

I wish our love could always find
Aphrodite and her shrine
Upon the ocean’s frothy shore
So I could dive and fall no more.

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Good Morning Sunshine/ Virginia Beach and Elvis/ Sunday Morning

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And there is a lot of sunshine this morning pouring through our living room window as I sit here and try to figure out what needs to go in this post. One of my dearest blogging pals is having trouble leaving comments here. WP Spamfree is leaving her messages that don’t make any sense. If anybody else has had a problem with that please let me know! Use the contact page under the header near the right edge.

I forgot the cord that connects the camera to the computer so I will have to wait until I get back to Richmond to share some photos of the beach. It has been an interesting weekend. Apparently there is a fire burning out of control in the Dismal Swamp down near or below the North Carolina border. If the wind shifts just right you can look out over the water and see. . . practically nothing.

But thankfully a front recently came in and blew all the smoke away so this morning the sun IS shining brightly. The sound of the waves crashing on the beach is very relaxing. And the temperature is very comfortable. Not too hot and not to cold as Goldilocks used to say before she ran away with the bear.

That’s what happened right? Or was that Little Red Riding Hood? What a name for a girl! Gad. No wonder she ran away.

The weekend entertainment theme down here is Elvis. So there are many Elvi running around. None of them are particularly talented from what we can see. Well, maybe the ones that jumped out of the airplane and floated down to the shore line were talented.

But the ones that tried to sing were dismal sounding and blowing smoke when it came to carrying a tune. Most did not even try to sing. They just flipped a switch and lip synched.

There is really so much pretending that goes on at a beach town like this one. Pretend entertainment. Pretend construction. People who are pretending to be one thing or another.

The only thing that is real is the ocean and nature. The birds that skim the water and the fish that nibble at your toes when you venture out there. And the weather of course can be overwhelmingly real when it wants to be.

But the beach is mostly sand that has been sucked through a tube from the bottom of Rudee’s Inlet and then spread around by a bulldozer. I was out there about six this morning taking photos. And every time I do this a strange guy comes up to me and starts asking me if I know this person or that person. I am supposed to know apparently because I’m taking photos. This morning he asked me if you are allowed to walk out on the rocks. He knows perfectly well that you are not supposed to do it. There’s a sign ten feet away that makes the point. So I told him “No you are not supposed to walk out there” and he walked out there anyway with his bag of goodies.

I worked with people like this guy for many years so it’s not big deal playing games with him. But I mention it just because it illustrates what I am trying to suggest about this place. And when we got here yesterday and it was filled up with smoke it just seemed so appropriate.

Smoke and a very large mirror are all around us. The only safe place to be is in the water. Plunge into the surf and suddenly feel like you have merged with nature. Dive deep and stay down as long as you dare.

Late last night I told Beth I wanted to go swimming. And she was not happy about it but she stood on the edge of the water while I waded out into the darkness. The water was warm and mysterious. The waves were fairly large and I was totally unprepared for them when they hit. Still it was a joy to be out there in the darkness feeling the embrace of the ocean. I imagined for a moment being one of those unfortunate souls who are shipwrecked for one reason or another and float away into an endless darkness.

As I looked down the beach at the towering buildings and lights I felt comforted. I would not want to be out in the middle of the ocean with little hope of survival. I want reality but not too much of it. So I swam back to the beach and kissed my wife. I thanked her for putting up with me once again and we went upstairs to sit on the balcony and watch fireworks.

Photos at ten.

Love’s Aging Moments

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For all the different loves there are
I find this one to be by far
The one that keeps me up at night
The one that brings us most delight.

It calls to me each time to climb
The tree of passion fruit divine.
Although I sometimes fail to see
The bending grass that waits for me.

And yes I sometimes fall from grace
And land upon a softer place.
These things they seem to come and go
Like antlers on a dear old foe.

I wish our love could always find
Aphrodite and her shrine
Upon the ocean’s frothy shore
So I could dive and fall no more.

And then our nights would last til dawn
As we would roll upon the shore
With taut skin scratched until it bled
And arched back crying to be fed.

With water glistening on your breasts
Hair laced seashells wildly dressed
Bruised lips laid upon my skin
And birds screaming just where we’ve been.

I would grasp your waist below
And lift you up so you would know
My masterful (Dear God) embrace
And never want to leave this place!

Until this happens close your eyes
Remember when our youth belied
The constant setting of the sun
Days to years that soon would run.

For in my heart the blood flows warm
And sometimes wishes it were young.
But in my mind the sand breathes fire
Embracing you with deep desire.

I wish that I could show you more
But know it’s you that I adore
And help me find the script I laid
Between the words of this brief page.

So then we’ll see just what is what
And who is hot and just how much
Eager to visit warmer clime
And merge both blood and open mind.

I hope you’re ready as they say
To see the dragon slayed today.
Make sure the mirrors have been cleaned
So we may view the fateful deed.

Whatever happens most of all
Let me make you laugh somehow.
Your clown prince cometh soon to town
And all do hope he won’t fall down.

And when at last we rest at night
Upon a silent sheet of light
Listening to the dogs next door
Remember I do you adore.
And know tis you that I adore.


Now might be a good time to mention that the voices speaking in each of my poems are not necessarily me! Parts of them might be me or all or none.

Because this poetry as a whole is not about me! Hopefully it will be more entertaining than it possibly could if that were the case. I am trying to write about our human condition and the strong emotions that are a part of it. Love seems to be an easy one for me to write about but maybe at some point I will try some others. But not really dark ones. I won’t be writing about hate anytime soon. Fear maybe. Oh wait. I already did that in the poem about the tiger. Confusion? Is that an emotion? Embarrassment? That’s a possibility.

We will see. Thank you for all the encouragement I have received for poems already done. They really are the soul of this blog and the main source of its traffic as well.


Maybe we will see you at the beach sometime!

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.



More poetry from Davidlind

Sailing Away

* * *

Last night we gathered on a ship

Our tribe and all our friends,

And sailed for distant galaxies

To find a peaceful land.

The stars received us as we went

Our lives passed through their gaze

We sailed between bright fire and light

Our eyes were all ablaze.

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Henry VIII Says "Sorry" To Sir Thomas More

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The Tudors on Showtime continues to provide rare Sunday evening enjoyment for those of us who have pretty much left the 2oth century medium of television to stew in its own reruns. Time has moved on a bit and Henry’s daughter, Elizabeth, future queen of England, looks to be around six years old.

Henry loves her very much but still would chop off his left arm for a son. Sorry. But chopping is such an integral part of this series. I am really hoping Ron Popeil will be making a guest appearance before it is over. I can only imagine what it’s going to be like when his wife  climbs those stairs and then look down into the hole on the eighteenth green for the last time.

Oh sorry once again. I am thinking about the upcoming British Open. This hole is large enough for a noggin and the director of this series thought it a nice touch to put a camera down below it so we can have a face to face with the soon to be departed.

But we have a ways to go before Ann lays out her lovely neck for the last time. She is ecstatic at the moment because she is pregnant and feels sure she will give Henry his son thus establishing her own position.

But Henry is a complicated guy and he doesn’t seem to be so happy. For one thing he misses Sir Thomas. And he blames Ann  for “making him” execute his friend and mentor. And then he gets a letter from his first wife who dies from lack of attention or something.

There is a strange and unbelievable scene where he sits on the floor reading this letter and holding his knees. Then he falls over and starts to cry. What’s that all about? Artistic license? Let’s not go overboard with all this sensitive king stuff.

Henry is quick to anger but he forgives his few friends after awhile because he is so isolated in his role of king and head of the new church. He would like to be sitting around with Sir Thomas and laughing about it all.

“Seriously, Sir Thomas. Do you really think you will burn eternally in flames if you whisper in my ear that I am who I think I am? You can be telling yourself I am a philandering miscreant at the same time as long as I can’t hear you. Isn’t it what’s in your heart that is important Sir Thomas. Hahahaha. Here! Have another drink. Don’t you feel even a little twinge when you see one of those beautiful young women we have around here? Hahahha.”

Henry kicks himself for depriving himself of all these wonderful moments. He feels so bad about it he sometimes sees Sir Thomas hiding behind the curtains in his room at night. He has nightmares too. And they all seem to center around his habit of beheading those who disagree with him.

He’s a gentle person at heart. Ann is the cruel one. It’s all her fault. She is an ambitious b**ch and quite shallow too.

You can tell this is the case because she is so happy at the moment. She has even stopped running her hand around her neck. And there is one more scene I must share with you. Ann and some of her friends are having a dance in a small tavern or room with a romantic fire in one corner. It is very dark. She runs into the arms of someone who picks her up and twirls her about the room just as Henry walks through the door.

Talk about your awkward moment. You can hear a pin or a pinhead drop as he walks around having a look at his “competition”. Then he grabs Ann and they start this long, passionate, angry and overly choreographed dance that ends up with a shot of them in bed.

Ann sinks one of her royal fingernails about a half inch into Henry’s back and then lets it wander down to his butt in an attempt I suppose to see if he really does have a spine. She must not have found it because then she smacks him in the face a couple of times!

Talk about pressing your luck. Henry started doing a slow burn a long time ago where Ann is concerned. He is isolated in the geopolitical sense and in the sense that he executed his best bud! How much more of this can he take?

A lot is riding on whatever is baking in the royal oven. If this does not turn out well we may see Henry’s fingernails revealed. They are very long and sharp. And they are attached to ten foot long poles in the possession of some very scary and masked avengers.

So tune in and see what happens next. And don’t forget to grab a feed so that we can discuss the finer details here when it is over.



Here are some photos from the Showtime series




American Idol/ April 29th 2008/ Neil Diamond Night

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Was Neil Diamond reading from a script? It sure looked like it to me. He really should get into politics as long as he can take his script writer with him.

Jason Castro sang Forever In Blue Jeans and I was not impressed. But someone else thought it was a solid performance if not memorable.

Solid as in solid waste maybe.

He then sang September Morn and hit a few really bad notes. Someone I know thought that he or she had a “few peaks into something almost brilliant”. Were there fireworks last night? I must have missed them. I went to bed early.

David Cook sang I’m Alive and had the right attitude for the song. But he didn’t sound great last night. I didn’t build the song and he looked like hell. Another off night for the Davidmeister.

He also sang All I Really Need Is You and it was a mixed bag. The softer parts were terrific but the rocking part was again too screamy. His voice had too much grit (pollen maybe?). We continue to wait for a great rejoinder to Billy Jean.

Brooke White sang I’m A Believer and it was light and fun but forgettable and slightly irritating. I’m sure I have seen something like this in one of those campfire scenes in a horror movie right before the devil jumps out of the weeds.

For her second song she did I Am, I Said and it was much better. It was perhaps her finest performance. The judges liked it. I liked it. And America probably liked it. Maybe it saved her from going home this week. Who else might go home instead?

Jason comes to mind.

David A sang Sweet Caroline and found an inventive way to get around the extremely low range. It was an excellent interpretation and his voice is sterling.

He then sang America and got off to a shaky start. But when he hit the bridge it was great and his own ending wrapped up a too short song with all the emotion of a full blown rendition.

And finally Syesha Mercado sang Hello Again. It was a great arrangement and sounded a bit like a contemporary ballad. Her voice sounded great and she had a beautiful smile throughout looking very relaxed and confident. What did Sir Lloyd do to this girl? She is a different performer and hopefully will be in the final three.

Syesha is turning into a wonderful story. I hope she makes it.

She also sang Thank The Lord For The Nighttime and once again looked and sounded great. It was a fabulous song choice and she put a lot of newfound personality into it.

Syesha wins tonight! David A is a close second.

We will see what happens.

Verdict:  Brooke White goes home.



JPG Magazine/ hotphoto collection

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Anybody interested in a photo of some fireworks? I took it last summer and it has just been sitting around.


Well here it is! Hopefully it will be summer before we know it. And then it will be the 4th of July. And then we can try to take some more photos of fireworks. But I have learned my lesson. No more hand held cameras while trying to photograph explosions of this nature.

Use a tripod. Don’t waste pixels.

Or just get your wife or girlfriend the necklace pictured in the next post. You won’t even have to wait for summer or need a tripod or a camera for that matter.

And this evening I have been putting pixels up on a new site I recently found. It’s a lovely place. They have some cool photos there and it is actually a magazine. So there is a chance your photos can end up in the magazine. Sounds good to me.

Everything is very nice and clean. No ads catching you unawares. The only problem is that the photos have to be 2200 pixels wide or tall. That’s a lot of pixels but I think we can handle it. Here is my site. Wander about and enjoy the many cool sites people have started.



Washington DC Vacation / Abraham Lincoln / National Portrait Gallery

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We are in DC this evening at the Regency Hyatt near the US Capitol and just returning from a lovely dinner with Kurt and my beloved partner Beth. We spent an interesting afternoon walking around the area and I have many photos I need to sort out at some point. Now we are back at the hotel and Beth has gone to investigate the pool. As I look out the window I see a fire station and a liquor store. I am very tired having walked miles it seems and had a great meal of blackened swordfish and various other things including three glasses of wine and Boston Cream Pie. Then we walked about ten blocks back to our hotel and here I am on the computer. Dancing With The Stars will be on later and Beth loves to watch it.

She is back. There are twenty kids in the pool. They should not be allowed in there after seven. The pool closes at nine. Oh well. On our walk back to the hotel we went by a homeless center and there was a line of people outside waiting to get inside. Mostly women and some of them were obviously having problems as they were talking to themselves or crying.

My mood of complete happiness was muted in this moment. There are two different worlds living side by side on this earth.

And now I must rest.


Photo taken by Mathew Brady of Abraham Lincoln a few weeks before his death. National Portrait Gallery.

Bringing separate worlds together. We will always love you Abe.



Fireshot / Excellent Add-on For Firefox

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This is a really cool tool.

“FireShot is a Firefox extension that creates screenshots of web pages. Unlike other extensions, this plugin provides a set of editing and annotation tools, which let users quickly modify captures and insert text and graphical annotations. Such functionality will be especially useful for web designers, testers and content reviewers. It’s possible to choose whether entire web page or only visible part of this page should be captured. Screenshots can be uploaded to server, saved to disk (PNG, JPEG, BMP), copied to clipboard, e-mailed and sent to external editor for further processing” –mozilla

All you have to do is right click to access this very helpful add-on for Firefox once it is installed.




National Briefs / Loosely Fitting News

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I really don’t know much about what is happening in the world these days. So much of it is just awful and there isn’t much space left in my brain drive for this type of thing. So I was surprised to learn this morning as I read the National Briefs in the newspaper that there are astronauts walking around in space. When did they get up there? They spent over seven hours attaching a box to the outside of the space station. It has a flag on it and the only thing you can put in there is stamped mail.

But it also measures space radiation and micrometeorite strikes because NASA is trying to consolidate and save money. No word on whether it will report sitings of asteroids, meteorite babies or Brad and Angelina.

The US Government now says in response to a lawsuit that you can become a US diplomat even if you are HIV-positive. For how many years have they been telling us that you can’t catch this awful disease from ordinary contact with other people? What is it that US diplomats are required to do anyway? Oh wait. Nevermind.

Or maybe it has something to do with meeting diplomats from other countries. Maybe THEY are the ones who are complaining. I don’t know. Sometimes when you read the news you end up with more questions than when you began.

Most of the time in fact.

The Coast Guard has called off the search for a Japanese hot air balloonist who was trying to fly from Japan to Oregon. That’s too bad. He has been missing since January 31st. But he was carrying a lot of survival gear with him. And he has some video tapes of Martha Stewart making little hot air balloons that you can hang in your kitchen if he gets bored.

And finally there was an explosion that sent flames shooting four hundred feet in the air near the US and Mexican border. No one was hurt except for the guy who was holding a lighter and his friend who apparently had just eaten one too many tacos. Oh wait. There was an oil pipeline nearby. Man I hope that thing didn’t catch on fire.

Let’s make a rule that you can’t smoke and go near an oil pipeline for at least an hour after lunch.