The Lost Child

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The Lost Child

He climbs upon his favorite limb
Immersed in failing day.

The promised moon is in the sky
While pale surrounding light
Casts shadows from a bending tree
He falls under this night.

“Blessed home of my dear ones
Disappearing in the dark
I once did see you with these eyes
But now must know you with my heart.”

Every blade of grass below
Reaches up to grasp
The hand that rests so near a bough
The hair that flutters past.

He sets his sail upon a sea
Of children sleeping easily.
He rises up into the night
Following his own dream-light.

And finds himself in many places
Experiencing so many births
He cannot count each one he sees
Children fluttering to earth.

Then finally he finds his way
Back to his father’s home
And sees someone who once
Was young but now is very old.

Come to me my own dear son
Show me your new life
Save me from this weary place
Of groaning stones and aged strife.

I have waited long for you
Who left me years ago
And always loved you as the sun
Loves mist and wishful skies.

And then the child who was his own
Bathed him in brilliant stars
For all who are not in one place
Are everywhere in sight.

And told him blessed are the young
And old who wait on earth
For they will find the ones they love
In moments of rebirth.

“Take my hand and rise with me
Here is the soothing moon
Endless stars on heaven’s path
And joys unending too.”

“I would never stray too far
I simply watched the ones
Who guard light upon the dew
And every dawn and you.”

The night is quiet
Gone the sun
No hint remains
Of what was done.
But I must tell
What happened here
Before I go
To my own bier.

Never leave your joy alone
Never turn away
Keep the ones you love in sight
For they keep you this way.