Surfing At Virginia Beach

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I caught you in a time of joy

As once you found a wave

And rode it for it’s very worth

Upon this warm, clear day.

My camera is my surfboard now

It seeks out waves of joy

Like those that have surrounded you

On this day in July.

We know your time is near an end

The beach will soon be dark

But I will always have this scene

Emblazoned on my heart.

A moment when the sun did shine

A twilight vast and free

A fantasy I rode the waves

A silly old diary.


Saturday Morning

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Well here we are and it’s the weekend again. The weeks are going by quickly now that the warm weather is here. Why is that? Maybe the heat warms up all the molecules in the air and that makes time go by more quickly.

Doubtful Einstein. And we can’t say time has been going by quickly because we have been having so much fun. Well, maybe you have been having a great time.

But it was not a fun week for your aged blogging buddy. It rained a lot for starters.  And then I found Lorelle’s reply to a comment I made about a month ago when I was experiencing blogger’s remorse and spent time wondering if anyone cared.

Lorelle suggested I not blog for awhile. Find something else to do. Don’t they have group recreation projects in the Happy Hotel where you and the other psycho’s live?

She didn’t say that but I can read between the lines. And she really is a nice person but somebody shoot me before I ever respond to one of her post’s again.

And then there was the surfing forum where I started posting some of my surfing guy photos. I have been trying to do the forum thing because you are supposed to do it.

So I posted some photos and this is what happened. My first mistake was misspelling Rudee’s inlet.

HIM: you would think if you have a house there you would actually know the name of the inlet…

ME: I do know the name of it. I just didn’t spell it right. Did you ever misspell a word?

Probably not in your state of near perfection. Could you please let the sun shine for a few days.

We are tired of the rain.

HIM: I think I have misspelled a word or two in the past.

Sure. I will make it foggy again tomorrow morning but tomorrow afternoon I will allow you to have have some sun. I will keep it rather sunny for Friday and Saturday too. Happy?

Things were going pretty good at this point. I had arranged for some nice weather and my new friend seemed fairly content since I appeared to understand his grandness in the scheme of things. But things started to go south shortly thereafter as I posted some of the surfing photos you see around here.

HIM: I guess I am not the only one worried about our newest poster who can not spell the name of the place he lives and has a true fondness for VB, young boys and fat chicks. Great pictures of some ****ty waves though.

HIM’S FRIEND: got any killer photos of you david—barrels–airs–floaters–video?????????

ME: Sure. Just send me a SASE and I will send you an autographed copy. And thanks for asking. I knew you would come around.

ONE OF THEM: your photos are awful

ME: Appreciate your honesty there Gas

And things went on for awhile in this vein until one of the guys suggested that the FBI might be interested in some of my photos. Apparently he feels people should be dressed up at the beach like they were back in 1910 or thereabouts.

But enough of that. And then there was the guy over at LinkReferral who came out of the blue and gave my photoblog four 2’s when it had been getting 5’s and had an average of about 4.9 (no more). He also left a comment. It read:

Nothing great in this. Put up something new and useful.

Thanks guy! What did I ever do to you? Do you know some guys who post at a surfing forum?

Oh well. The nice things people say from time to time MORE THAN make up for these folks who walk around spreading negativity. And I guess this is the price you pay for trying to stir up some traffic.

But, thankfully, it is the weekend. And it’s not raining outside! It looks like it wants to but clearly someone is keeping their crooked finger in the dam.

Thanks guy! You are a Prince! But you really should start to wear a hat when you are out in this wonderful sun.


And Jordin if you run into anybody who is spreading negativity around just let it slide off your beautiful self. They are out there but you need not be afraid.



Great Beach /The Other End of Virginia Beach

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After awhile I took a stroll down to the other end of the beach and the contrast was quite striking. There were some hardy souls out here fishing and surfing. But the wind was blowing and it made these activities more challenging. The gulls seemed to be enjoying it. And the rest of us did as well. My part involved simply sitting in the sand and attempting to record events in some way for all of