Camping Out At The Beach/ Virginia Beach/ Maintenance And Repair

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We arrived at the beach yesterday and were amazed to see our building covered in green drapes!  It’s undergoing a facelift and there is scaffolding over much of it.  See the photos for a better idea of the situation.

Beth pointed out to me that you can stand in a room and look at a wall socket and see. . .


Nice.  And the “windows” are covered with plastic.  Fortunately it only got down to forty something last night and there wasn’t much wind up here.  But who knows what it will do tonight!  My lovely wife keeps telling me it’s an adventure.

And we did have a very nice day after the rain cleared out.  We walked the boardwalk and went out to dinner.  Then we got under the blankets and watched Carolina dismantle Michigan State in the NCAA basketball finale.   Congrats to our ACC!

I woke up at six this morning and headed for the beach to take some photos.  It was pretty cold but that didn’t prevent a couple of surfers from heading out into the surf with their wet suits and gloves.

I found a perch and took a few photos of the birds,  our denuded building and the US Corps of Engineers dredging Rudee’s Inlet.  Lots of maintenance going on as the beach folk prepare for another vacation season.

Hopefully somebody will arrive once it is all completed.

Click on the photos to enlarge

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Dolphin Jumping Out Of The Water

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Just for the record I did take a photo last year of a dolphin jumping out of the water.  He was pretty far away.

But he is a dolphin and he was  jumping.

And so having been liberated from the necessity of blogging photos taken in the winter of 2008-09 I present to  you. . .

Dolphin Jumping Out Of The Water.

I didn’t think it was possible for a day to be drearier and wetter and colder than yesterday but I was wrong.  Because today is all those things and more.


I think I remember someone saying that these dolphins  head south in the winter. Happy hunting where ever you go big guy!

And don’t ever stop trying to fly.

Looking Back At 2008 As It Sails Away

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virginia beach photo

Is it too late to look at some photos from last summer? The dog days of August were not so long ago. As we dive into the cold days of January I thought it would be fun to remember those moments when we got down to the bare essentials and basked in the sun.

Of course if you are living in Australia or many other places not associated with Virginia these photos may be much more relevant to your present existence.


Neptune Festival Next Weekend

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Beth reminded me that the Neptune Festival is happening next weekend at Virginia Beach.   And there will definitely be photo taking opportunities there.  It’s difficult to believe that a year has gone by since the last festival.  There are photos here from that competition.  Hopefully this year I will be able to gain a little different perspective while clicking away.

I had to laugh when I was going over some photos taken last July.  What is that thing out in the water?  Is it Jaws?

I never noticed it before but there is a dolphin out there.  Maybe he is watching the people having fun on the beach.   Maybe he is curious.

The Elusive Dolphin Photo

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, originally uploaded by Davidlind.

In terms of a photo that shows a dolphin’s features I guess this would be the best shot I was able to get this week. It’s not the best photo of a dolphin but that’s a different thing.
I believe this may be a mother dolphin with her child next to her. She stays with her child for about six years so it’s a very close relationship. The father is nowhere to be found.
We will be heading back to Richmond tomorrow. But we have had a very relaxing week. I hope everyone has a nice vacation this summer. And don’t forget Virginia Beach when you are choosing a vacation destination.
Where do you plan to go on your vacation? Or where have you been?

Spinner And Marty/ Otters On The Boardwalk/ Sightseeing On Virginia Beach

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, originally uploaded by Davidlind.

Our children Spinner and Marty wanted to go sightseeing. So Beth And I took them out this morning. We started here on one end of the Virginia Beach boardwalk and walked down to the other end. It’s about a 2.5 mile walk and they had a great time. We also had fun photographing them as they enjoyed some of the art and landmarks on the boardwalk. Here are some of the photos.



Virginia Breeze/ Virginia Beach Skyline

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photo of the virginia beach skyline at dusk from a boat

A volunteer from the Virginia Aquarium teaches on our dolphin cruise about dolphins.  I learned that they sleep with half their brain and are aware of any approaching danger with the other half.  They really are amazing creatures.  And if a Genie appeared and asked us if anyone would like to become a dolphin my wife would be overboard in just a few seconds.

photo of participants on a dolphin cruise having a lesson from a volunteer from the Virginia Aquarium

Blowing Sand On The Beach/ Virginia Beach Project/ Fix Beach Erosion

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, originally uploaded by Davidlind.

Here is what they do at Virginia Beach to combat beach erosion. They suck the sand out of Rudee’s Inlet with a long straw and deposit it on the beach. There it slowly migrates along the beach and (probably) back into Rudee’s Inlet.

“Hi kids. I’m home.”
“Where did you go Dad? You have been gone ten years!”

Oh Sorry. Just listening in on the sands of time having a little conversation. But it seems to work well. I wouldn’t want to be sunbathing near the end of the tube when it starts doing its job. But otherwise we seem to have a nice beach and (hopefully) the next time a really big storm hits the beach will keep the tall buildings from falling over.

Your blogging buddy prays that this will be the case actually.

He’s smiling now. But he won’t be if the beach blower doesn’t perform as expected in the next thirty years.


Here’s a photo of the other half of the sand management project. If you were having a problem with something stuck in your straw you might want one of these.


Hybrid Electric Power/ Virginia Beach Buses

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, originally uploaded by Davidlind.

I would not have guessed that my favorite photo this week so far would be a picture of a bus! Sunrises and sunsets! Dolphins! Surfers! Babes!
Nope. It’s a bus. And I am happy about it because it tells me I can
challenge myself to be original and go beyond the obvious with some success.

I wanted to take a photo of the dolphin but there was a mass of confusion in the background. Then the bus came around the bend and I looked at the side of it and realized it was my back drop.
But it wasn’t going to stop! So the final step was actually timing the photo and getting the settings right.

I have been trying with no success to capture the real dolphins out in the water. Hahaha. Beat you this time my little darlings!

And that’s why it’s my favorite photo to date on our vacation. It seems to be gathering some favorable comment on Flickr as well so I may not be the only one.

Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge/ Virginia Beach

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Beth and I went out early today to a beautiful area south of here on the ocean. It is called the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge and a more peaceful place is hard to find. Here is a link to the website and some interesting information.

flowers in a protected area